General News / December 9, 2019

Quick-fire questions: Skripteh

General News / December 9, 2019

Quick-fire questions: Skripteh

Keeping it short and to the point, Wexford MC Skripteh spoke about retirement, rider requests and never giving up.

Following collaborations with esteemed producer New Machine, New Ross spitter Skripteh has turned a few heads with his no holds barred delivery over thumping instrumentals. Recent releases ‘Divided by Knowledge’ and ‘Big Facts’ sum up the direction he’s heading in thus far. Borrowing elements from drill and adding his own unique slant, he’s embracing some of the genre’s more modern sounds.

He’s toyed with other styles previously but it feels as if Skripteh is coming into his own as the next decade approaches. Possessing a unique cadence and relentless flow, he’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

We caught up with the Wexford native, who is busy working on new material for 2020.  A man of few words, he kept it short and sweet this time.

You are fighting in the octagon, what song do you walk out to ?
KO x V9 x Jimmy – Where I’m From.

What fact about you would surprise people?
I don’t ever drink, can’t handle any type of alcohol haha.

What does retirement look like for you in the future?
Sunshine and blunts.

What is your morning ritual?
Brush my teeth and roll a quick one.

What movie / video game has the best soundtrack?
Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood are all lit.

Finish this sentence: You should never __________
Give up.

What is essential to have with you in the studio?
Drinks and smoke.

What is the last thing you watched on netflix/youtube/tv?
Love/Hate, been banging that out recently.

What are you addicted to ?

You have your own talk show, who is your first guest?
Definitely either 50 Cent or DaBaby.

You are headlining Glastonbury, what are your most outrageous rider requests?
A whole table full of food for me and my boys, 50gs of weed and a couple bottles of Henny.

The first album you bought?
50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

You can choose one artist to head up the government and subsequently save the country, who is it?

You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who are you choosing?
DaBaby 100%, man has serious energy.

What is your pet hate?
People who don’t brush their teeth, fucking dirrrty.