Counter Culture / July 28, 2022

“Rave architects” Temporary Pleasure to build a new club

Temporary Pleasure Image: @temporary.pleasure
Counter Culture / July 28, 2022

“Rave architects” Temporary Pleasure to build a new club

Words: Ellen Kenny

The architecture collective Temporary Pleasure plan to design, build and curate a new nightclub across just five days.

Temporary Pleasure are planning to offset the night life crisis Ireland is facing with its very own self-made club for one night only.

The rave architecture collective have announced plans to build an “ephemeral club” across five days in order to host “Twelve Hours of Temporary Pleasure” in the Complex on August 13.

During the day, the collective will host discussions on architecture, club culture, and DIY spaces. In the evening, the Complex will transform into an electronic arts space with local DJs and performers curated by the collective.

Saving the club with Temporary Pleasure

Irish nightclubs have become a precious cultural resource; since 2000, four in every five nightclubs have shut down. While there were 522 nighttime venues in Ireland in 2000, there are now just 85. While there are plans in place to save the nighttime economy, it doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough.

Temporary Pleasure is collective of architects, event producers, and club creatives aiming to reimagine the place of the nightclub in Ireland.

Tired of over-commericialised, rigid clubs with no roots to its origin, the collective seeks out spaces to transform into unique cultural venues. While their spaces never last long, they hopes their events will have a lasting impact on the way we view nighttime culture in Dublin.

The collective previously hosted “Ten Hours of Temporary Pleasure” in Barcelona, asking guests “what makes a club?”

The Complex is the only multi-disciplinary arts centre in Dublin’s north inner city. From 2009, it has enjoyed a nomadic existence, creating bases in several sites in the north west inner city. Since, 2019, it has been located on Arran Street in Smithfield.

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