General News / September 9, 2022

Revolutionary Housing League forms illegal “emergency homeless shelter”

Image: @rhlireland on Twitter
General News / September 9, 2022

Revolutionary Housing League forms illegal “emergency homeless shelter”

Words: Ellen Kenny

The League have occupied a building in central Dublin due to be converted into over 500 residential units by private developers.

The High Court has heard that members of the Revolutionary Housing League (RHL) have occupied a building in Parkgate, Dublin 8. The League has renamed the property Ionad Sean Heuston and have been using it as a homeless shelter and for political rallies.

The property was previously operated by fabric wholesalers Hickey and was vacated two years ago. The RHL have occupied the property since August 24. Since September 7, the League has been using the property as emergency accommodation for any homeless people affected by recent adverse weather conditions.

Gardaí unsuccessfully attempted to evict the League from the Parkgate property on August 31.

The RHL also reported they provided accomodation to a dozen refugees who were denied accommodation elsewhere. Today, the Government confirmed that 201 refugees were denied accommodation this week due to a lack of space.

Claim against the Revolutionary Housing League

Financial fund Davy Platform ICAV, acting on behalf of its sub-fund the Phoenix Sub-fund, filed a claim against RHL to the High Court for their occupation. Phoenix Sub-fund is due to turn the Parkgate property into 519 residential units. According to their claim, social media posts from the RHL have contained a series of overt and explicit threats towards the official property owners.

According to Davy Platform ICAV, Phoneix Sub-fund are concerned that the RHL’s occupation will prevent them from carrying out any further works at the site.

The League previously occupied Eden House over the summer, but were eventually removed by gardaí. They also briefly occupied Iveagh Markets.

The High Court Judge granted the claimants permission to serve a notice to the Revolutionary Housing League, and will return to the matter next week.

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