Music / December 15, 2021

Rory Sweeney, E The Artist & Ahmed, With Love. team up on ‘COOKIE!’

Ahmed, With Love. & E The Artist
Music / December 15, 2021

Rory Sweeney, E The Artist & Ahmed, With Love. team up on ‘COOKIE!’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The track comes ahead of a collaborative tape from the trio dropping on Christmas day.

Rory Sweeney, E The Artist & Ahmed, With Love. are up there with the island’s busiest artists this year. Having dropped a string of songs respectively, they squeezed the life out of Ireland’s short-lived reopening for the live sector and are shooting a collaborative tape out of the cannon before the year is over.

Today, they’ve shared ‘COOKIE!’ ahead of the Christmas release of the full project. It comes after the trio released the Jamiroquai-sampling ‘Cosmic Girl’ and Brazilian-inspired ‘Milky’. Featuring pensive production and spoken word delivery it’s a significant switch up from the energy from the previous releases.

Speaking on the release, Ahmed, With Love. says ”Often times as artists, you’ll get caught up in the syntax of what you’re making. There is a level of discipline always in what you make and you’re always striving to ensure what you make or write follows some sort of set path. With that being said, I very much wanted to just get rid of that with this verse and just ride a single train of thought to whatever stop it took me. Didn’t think much about what was being said as I just like it happen, with the influence being your MIKEs and Armand Hammers in terms how they can embody the beauty of the process as opposed to the destination. Plus I like to ramble.”

Adding to this, Rory Sweeney says, “I made the beat on the spot for them in 5 or so minutes. I just wanted to make something they would like. We had just finished making the stupidest song ever (track 8 on the EP). So I want to make something very unobtrusive.”

When asked what we can expect from the forthcoming project Ahmed, With Love. says, “It’s two Muslims and an atheist making a Christmas EP. That’s that on that”

Listen to ‘COOKIE!’ below:

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