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Music / December 4, 2020

shiv is trusting the process in debut EP ‘me 2 me’

Credit Josh Mulholland
Music / December 4, 2020

shiv is trusting the process in debut EP ‘me 2 me’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Today, shiv AKA Siobhian McClean has shared her meditative EP created entirely in 2020. 

Paris-based Dublin-raised singer-songwriter shiv has released me 2 me. The six-track project is an exploration of her inner world, examining her creative process and relationship with herself.

Crafting intimate and vulnerable RnB numbers, shiv’s DIY approach and self-taught production skills result in a comforting and relatable record. me 2 me highlights that leaning into discomfort is an essential part of growth and rather than getting lost in the waves of life shiv is learning to surf.

Speaking on the process of letting go when creating the record shiv said, “Personally, I find it difficult to just completely let go. I’ve learnt that it really is a process, and many things need to happen for the process to be successful. It needs patience, it needs acceptance, trust, and belief, then finally I think then you can let go. For me, it was anxiety and fear around creativity and success and placing far too much value on what people thought of me and what I was doing. If you’re patient with yourself, accept that failure at some point is inevitable and important, trust that what you’re doing will have a significant impact on one person, even if it’s just yourself, and believe that you’re being authentic and true to yourself, letting go of that fear and anxiety is something that follows on.”

“The EP is the lesson for me, in a “meta” way. I had wrapped myself up in anxiety and trapped myself in a position that left me feeling like I couldn’t do what I’m good at. The EP ended up being the telling of that story, and the lessons I learnt from telling that story. And the EP being complete, and me being happy with it is proof that I can do it. But the more tangible and less abstract lessons I think are to persevere and to be patient with yourself. Things don’t always happen straight away, and being comfortable with failure is an important part of eventually being successful in whatever you set out to achieve.”

Listen to me 2 me below:

Shiv headlines The Sound House in Dublin on April 24 2021. Tickets on sale December 9 here.