General News / December 11, 2020

Sinn Féin are selling a United Ireland Christmas jumper

Image: Gerry Adams on Twitter
General News / December 11, 2020

Sinn Féin are selling a United Ireland Christmas jumper

Words: Katie Gartland

The bizarre festive jumper reads ‘All I Want For Christmas is A United Ireland’.

In a slightly weird, but unsurprising turn for 2020, Sinn Féin are selling a Christmas jumper calling for a united Ireland. Alongside other memorabilia on their online store, the Party aren’t shying away from talking politics during Christmas dinner.

The jumper can be found on Sinn Féin’s website, it has an image of Santa Claus (in a green suit, of course) clutching a teeny little Ireland, backed onto a tricolour Christmas pattern. Circling the Big Man is a slogan saying “All I Want For Christmas is a United Ireland”.

Behold the beautiful jumper below:

The description of the jumper reads: “The Perfect gift for the Irish Republican in your life!”. Interesting.

It looks like the festive geansaí is selling out fast, cop your’s quick because the last sizes available are 2XL and 3XL. Other bits and bobs you can get at Sinn Féin’s online store include Bobby Sands memorabilia and a political teddy named Beir Bua.

2020 has seen Sinn Féin taking an interesting turn in the social media strategy. You might remember earlier this year Gerry Adams, the former head of Sinn Féin applying for a quick Twitter competition? In September, he chanced his luck for a sneaky Stone Island giveaway. He’s definitely not a stranger to a little fashion sense. Why not sure, Gerry?

His Tweet is still going strong, but unfortunately he didn’t win himself a new Winter coat.

So, if you do indeed have a Republican in your life, or if you’re in need of a last minute present for your Nationalist uncle, look no further than Sinn Féin’s bizarre online store.

However, if you still want to support Irish and you’re not in the mood for a Christmas dinner debate, take a look at District’s ultimate Irish Gift Guide.