Music / September 24, 2021

Streaky takes a trippy journey into town in ‘Win Win’

Music / September 24, 2021

Streaky takes a trippy journey into town in ‘Win Win’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Landing via Dublin’s Bad Soup record label, Streaky’s latest effort comes with a 90s twist.

Streaky aka Kealan Busse has shared new visuals for ‘Win Win’ ahead of his forthcoming debut EP.

Shot against a DIY kitchen green screen, Irish animator Cesca Saunders teamed up with 3D visual artist 1iing heaney to create the alternate universe.

Wrestling with the murky waters of the music industry in a nightclub filled with a host of 2d characters, it marks the singer’s most adventurous release to date.

Speaking on the inception of the video Francesca says, “After hearing the lyrics I knew I wanted it to be story driven with Kealan going on a journey and meeting some freaks. I wanted to work with my pal, 1iing heaney, the phenomenal visual artist and regular collaborator with Wyvern Lingo to help build a world. Liing and I are longtime pals. In college we once made a video game together for an assignment so it was so fun to collaborate again. My pitch to her was “wanna make a music video with me that’s ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ meets an Aphex Twin live laser show?” 

Streaky also comments saying, “I was listening to a lot of Prince and garage rock like the Standells and wanted to kind of infuse some sort of garage psychfunk thing. Lyrically things are tongue in cheek to me with the song but I do like the structure of it.”

“We knew we wanted the chaos of mixed media – my 2d drawings, 1iing’s 3d gooey world and Streaky’s live performance. Late last year we had a pub sorted to shoot in which we were going to add all the animations to. Lockdowns struck so we were left with no choice but to shoot in our kitchen with a piece of fabric from Guineys as our green screen. Ling and I took that raw footage along with my storyboards and some character designs and just went for it. This is our funky froggy music monster baby.”

Watch the video for ‘Win Win’ below:

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