Art and Design / May 23, 2022

SUBSET launch fundraiser for documentary about Dublin murals court case

Art and Design / May 23, 2022

SUBSET launch fundraiser for documentary about Dublin murals court case

Words: Eva O’Beirne

SUBSET have announced plans to document their ongoing battle to continue mural painting in Dublin.

A trailer for their planned documentary was released on Friday via Instagram. In the caption, SUBSET outlined that Dublin City Council are requesting the removal of three well-known artworks as they do not have planning permission.

The murals in question are David Attenborough’s mural on South Circular Road, “Horseboy” in Smithfield, and “Think and Wonder” on Grantham Street. Subset has decided to fight legal proceedings concerning these murals.

On June 16, SUBSET will be challenging these proceedings by DCC in the District Court.

“The last 5 years have been madness and are difficult to explain in a short vid so we’re hoping to create a feature-length doc to tell the story,” said SUBSET in the GoFundMe’s description.

“We feel painting murals should be a legal right so we‘re challenging proceedings brought by our City Council.”

“We believe this will be a historical moment for the arts and we want to capture the process as we live it. Hopefully get a series on Irish art going off the back of it,” the caption continued.

“Please support us in telling our story which will consist of past, present and future footage – chronicling the origins of the cases, and the impact of the hearings. We require these funds for equipment rental fees and personnel costs. Thank you.”

Under Irish law, organisers of public murals need planning permission. Subset says Dublin is behind the times and is calling on the government to liberalise murals rules. They say that Ireland should embrace street culture like Brooklyn and Melbourne, where artists are free to paint murals in certain zones providing permission has been granted by the building owner and the content isn’t political.

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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