Art and Design / September 15, 2022

taproot_art show the fruits of their labour at first post-Covid auction

Image: Jay Miriam
Art and Design / September 15, 2022

taproot_art show the fruits of their labour at first post-Covid auction

Words: Ellen Kenny

The fruit-themed auction by taproot_art on September 17 is aid of Merchant’s Quay Ireland.

Experimental art collective taproot_art are returning for their first auction in over three years with a visual banquet. Taking place on September 17 in MART Gallery, this year’s auction will be entirely fruit themed. According to curator Sophie Murphy, “Fruit symbolises so much more than simply being a byproduct of the earth’s natural labours, but also the enjoyment it offers to its both consumers, innovators and spectators alike.”

“For one night only, you can bask in this enjoyment and appreciate fruit in all its glories and capabilities, by observing great works from a set of top contemporary artists while devouring a mango simultaneously.”

Image: Daniel Comerford

The auction will feature a whole fruit bowl talent from Ireland and abroad as leading contemporary artsits and photographers display their work. Featured artists include Donal Talbot, known for his Poster Project around Dublin celebrating queer joy. Work from acclaimed Dublin-based muralist Claire Provoust will also be auctioned at the event. Other Dublin-based artists featured in the auction include Neil Dunne, Shane Berkery, Robyn Carey and Decoy.

International artists will also showcase their work at the Rathmines auction, including Blaise Cepis, Miriam Dema and Kathryn Rose.

taproot_art have announced that 50 per cent of proceeds from the auction will go to Merchant’s Quay Ireland “in light of the ongoing homelessness crisis that has long pervaded the nation.” All other proceeds will go to the artists themselves for what will surely be a fruitful event.

Image: Neil Dunne

taproot_art is an experimental project founded in Dublin in November 2017 by Sophie Murphy. It aims to educate educate spectators on abstract ideas through the gauze of a humorous, visual explosion, while promoting emerging and established contemporary artists in Ireland and beyond.

Click here to RSVP for the auction. Click here to view the available art and make an online bid by September 16.

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