Art and Design / January 12, 2023

Temporary Pleasure will explore the art of nightclubs in new book

Image: @temporary.pleasure on Instagram
Art and Design / January 12, 2023

Temporary Pleasure will explore the art of nightclubs in new book

Words: Ellen Kenny

Coming out April 23, “Temporary Pleasure” will examine the history of nightclub architecture and design from the 1960s to the present day.

Rave architecture collective Temporary Pleasure are publishing their first book about the history of nightclub design, according to Mixmag.

Written by the collective’s director John Leo Gillen, “Temporary Pleasure” will explore the different architecture and design choices that have developed in different cultures throughout history, from 1960s New York to 1990s Ibiza.

The book will be released on April and is available to preorder now from Penguin Random House.

Each chapter explores the art and structure of different nightclubs across the world, including Berlin’s techno spaces, Britain’s rave culture, New York’s disco and Detroit’s techno. Iconic clubs under the microscope include Ibiza’s Amnesia, Tresor in Berlin and New York City’s The Paradise Garage.

It shows how these spaces have developed throughout the years, in response to the unique cultural, social and political situations of each generation and place for those involved in the scenes. The structure of a club is integral to its personality, music and future, as explored in this book.

The book also includes interviews with key players in these movements, including Ben Kelly, the architect of infamous Manchester haunt The Haçienda, as well as NYC disco DJ Justin Strauss and Detroit DJ and producer Chez Damier.

Author John Leo Gillen was raised around Ireland’s nightlife industry through his family’s nightclub business and has a masters degree in ephemeral architecture and temporary spaces. Looking beyond the music of a club space, John Leo explores how the structure of a club can create a dance-worthy spot, a sense of community and a lasting institution.

He first launched Temporary Pleasure as an Instagram account dedicated archiving club spaces. The account soon grew to a collective of architects, event coordinators and creative professionals dedicated to bringing experimental club spaces to different cities around the world.

In August, the collective hosted “Twelve Hours of Temporary Pleasure” in Dublin. Their installation celebrated Ireland’s fading club culture and turned The Complex into an electronic arts space with local DJs and performers curated by the collective.

Tired of over-commercialised, rigid clubs with no roots to its origin, the collective seeks out spaces to transform into unique cultural venues.

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