Art and Design / September 14, 2021

The Met Gala is just America’s Galway Races

Art and Design / September 14, 2021

The Met Gala is just America’s Galway Races

The Met Gala rolled into NYC last night in the same way a pink Playboy limo rolls through a housing estate on Debs night. Everyone sets out to steal the show and be the belle of the ball, but much like Debs night itself it’s all about tacky shite, one-upmanship and trying not to make too much of a show of yourself.

The theme for this year was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” so the expectation was powdered wigs, lady Liberty cosplay and star spangled everything. Instead we were treated to Animatronic babies, unlockable characters and fairly comfy looking duvets.

All this talk of America’s prestige A-list fashion event got us thinking about what the Irish equivalent is and there’s really only one winner… The Galway Races. We take a look at the most “interesting” Met Gala looks and put them in a parallel universe where the Moët is subbed for Bucky and the Limos are swapped for sticky 24 seater coaches.

A$AP O’Rocky smoked too much hash before the event and broke into the Morbegs studio to steal one of their duvets en route to the races.

SU presidential nominee Rihanna looks cosy in an Argos sleeping bag after taking time from her campaign and charity sleep out to attend the races.

Cavan’s Pharrell Williams does his best to hide his delight at the news Garth Brooks is scheduled to finally play Croker in 2022.

Kid Cudi is the drug-addled Leitrim Psytrance promoter that talks shite outside your tent at Life festival for 10 hours.

Due to lockdown delays Margaret Qualley could only make her Communion at the age of 19. Here she is wearing her Lourdes-blessed dress before she leaves early to knock around to all her relatives and make a cool €2,400 in Communion money.

Justin Bieber did well to sneak passed the bouncer wearing his dad’s clothes because he’s only 16.

Channing Tatum is the Fermanagh bouncer that will almost certainly thump the head off him when he finds Justin asleep in a cubicle in five hours time.

Hailee Steinfeld is the County Clare woman that won a year’s supply of Lin Kee in a local raffle so has decided to show up to the races wearing a dress made of Prawn Crackers. A nearby Pete Davidson is convinced he’s pissed himself until he realises the smell is emanating from her.

NUIG law student AOC showing her love for Irish fast food by sporting a dress that says ‘Take Me To Rick’s Burgers’.

Jeremy O. Harris is the person from Stillorgan that didn’t get UCD so is trashing it out in NUIG for four years but carries his Dry Robe with him everywhere to let people know he’s better than them.

Lupito Nyong’o’s dad runs The Jeans and Scheux Emporium in Salthill and insisted she wore the leftovers from his back to school sale.

CL got caught having an affair with Lupito Nyong’o’s dad in the store room of the Jeans & Sheux Emporium, in a fit of rage Ms. Nyong’o burned CL’s dress, leaving CL to wear the dad’s briefs and some bootcut leftovers.

Lili Reinhart sold her ticket for 400% the cost price to buy flights to Ibiza but then got jealous and decided to sneak into the Races via the Rose garden.

Frank O’Sean with a neon green baby in a jumpsuit, that’s it really. Frank’s our best dressed for 2021, look forward to animatronic babies being all the rage this coming Ladies Day.