General News / April 19, 2023

This Website Tells You Where The Hell Your Bus Went

Photo Credit: Nico Baum
General News / April 19, 2023

This Website Tells You Where The Hell Your Bus Went

Words: Dray Morgan

The website which gives us the answers to the age old question “Where the hell did my bus go?”

We’re all too familiar with standing at the stop in the rain, waiting for a bus whilst periodically glancing down at our phones and counting down the minutes until it’s due. Yet almost like some sick joke, at the finale of the painstaking wait, nothing.

The mystery of the missing bus has haunted Irish society for as long as anyone can remember. However, now a solution has been sitting under our noses for almost ten years. is a gem of a website that accurately maps the exact location, number and even colour of every bus in every city in UK and Ireland.

Just when you think the intricacies couldn’t get any more, there is even invaluable information about whether or not the bus has USB charging available. You can even sort your travel by the company which runs the transport route, from Bus Éireann to Arann Island Ferries. With it being accessible by mobile, the country is your oyster.

This interactive map has resulted in the TFI once again being put to shame, but what’s more painful is that the answer to the enigma of the Dublin ghost buses has been available to us on a website that is over a decade old. Whether you’re in the capital or out in Leitrim, this website is unbelievably useful.

Now, we can’t promise that this site is going to change the fact that you’re still going to be sitting at the bus stop with soaked-through socks. Nevertheless, at least you can have some peace of mind knowing that your driver is having the best time nowhere near your location.

Check out the website here

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