Music / April 23, 2021

Toké O’ Drift recruits Julia Louise Knifefist for rager ‘igot(igot)’

Photo: Sadhbh Fitzgerald
Music / April 23, 2021

Toké O’ Drift recruits Julia Louise Knifefist for rager ‘igot(igot)’

Words: Dylan Murphy

It lands ahead of Toké O Drift’s debut album Sploooosh that lands via Bad Soup Records May 7.

This May, Dublin producer and film maker Toké O Drift is sharing his debut album Sploooosh that is loaded front to back with straight heaters and features from some of Ireland’s most exciting rappers.

Ahead of its release, he’s shared ‘igot (igot)’ featuring Julia Louise Knifefist, a certified uptempo rager.

Speaking on the track Toké said, “The idea behind the album was to get my favourite vocalists on tracks that would allow them to flex their stuff in a sonic space that was different from what they usually do.” 

“In his own stuff, Juli’s vocals are often drenched in the most delicious apocalyptic noise – so I thought it would be interesting to keep his trademarked menacing delivery but slap it on something that was a bit more feel-good and euphoric. This track was originally put together last summer, so that feeling of it being scorching outside but being trapped inside definitely came through in the track. I think it’s got big rave-in-your-garden energy.”

Julia continued and said, “We’ve known each other for sometime, we’ve talked about it on many occasions and now it’s here.”

Toké’s debut album will be released on 7/5/21 via Bad Soup Records.

Listen to ‘igot(igot)’ and check out the full track list below:

  1. The Neck
  2. igot(igot) (feat. Julia Louise Knifefist)
  3. BangBangFlow (feat. Pharaii Dambisa)
  4. Bothy Bangz
  5. Mercy (feat. Blue Niall & DHBH)
  6. Come Thru (feat. Sick Nanley)
  7. S’onlyaDream
  8. crawlcrawlcrawl (feat. DHBH)
  9. BladeRunner (feat. Nitefish)
  10. Calvin Klein Autumn Collection 2020

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