Art and Design / May 31, 2022

TU Dublin Graduate Exhibition to take place this month

Design by Marwa Noelle Ali, Conor Rice and Aisling Hannon
Art and Design / May 31, 2022

TU Dublin Graduate Exhibition to take place this month

Words: Eva O’Beirne

Their launch will be taking place on Thursday, 2 June at 18:00, the show will be open from 10:00 to 17:00 until Saturday, June 11.

The event will mark not only a return of the college’s full in-person exhibition but also the first full-scale public opening of the East Quad, the brand new Art and Design facility in Grangegorman.

The identity and design of this year’s exhibition, catalogue and website were created by Visual Communication students Marwa Noelle Ali, Conor Rice and Aisling Hannon. Their design uses manipulated type to illustrate the progression from individual broken-up pixels, to full letter form, referencing the coming together of the final year cohort in the post-pandemic era.

Other works from Visual Communication students include Marrow, a photobook by Niamh Byrne documenting young Irish people in their spaces and how they reflect their individuality, while Colin Bergin explores the value of the physical object in an increasingly digital world through the curation and archiving of personal artefacts.

From Fine Art, Venus Patel plays twelve distinct and colourful characters in his film Egg Shell, which delves into the queer collective unconscious with a mix of comedy and playfulness undercut by darker undercurrents in the wake of the personal experience of a homophobic attack experienced on a Dublin street.

Fruit Fly by Roksana Parvanova is a photographic exploration of grief and absence involving projected sequences that picture domestic fragments and details shot over a period in Bulgaria.

Interior Designer Alanna Mulcahy has drawn inspiration from Ireland’s rich history in whiskey distilling to design the ‘Whiskey Hotel’, using forms and materials inspired by the colour, fluidity, and containment of the whiskey.

Martin Keogh has designed an outward-facing architectural hub that connects with the high street using different proportioned cubes to create dynamic tensions whilst forming interrelated spaces.  Furniture Designer Mercedes Lawson Whyte has created public benches for social spaces – one encouraging interaction post-pandemic whilst the other references the solitude of the pandemic.

From Product Design, Daniel Little has developed a smart sea-state monitoring buoy, which provides surfers and emergency services with vital data about water safety in bays, while Kate Hyland has designed an interactive game that compliments the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum in schools by facilitating challenging discussions about emotions. 

The exhibition will be taking place in the East Quad in Grangegorman, opening on Thursday, 2 June at 18:00 and will run until Saturday, 11 June.

Open daily from 10:00-17:00, including the Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, you can find more information here.

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