Music / September 7, 2022

Vince Staples to lead Netflix show based on his life

Music / September 7, 2022

Vince Staples to lead Netflix show based on his life

Words: Ellen Kenny

The Vince Staples Show will star the rapper himself in a comedy loosely based on his California upbringing.

Vince Staples is set to star in his own Netflix comedy series, according to recent reports from Deadline. The Vince Staples Show is loosely based on the rapper’s childhood and upbringing in Long Beach, California. The show was produced by Staples, and is written and directed by Kenya Barris. Barris will also star in show, and is known for productions such as Black-ish.

This new series is separate from the rapper’s web series of the same name. Released in 2019, the original Vince Staples show was a blend of comedy and music that was halted due to Covid-19.

This is Staples’ ninth acting role, and the fifth time he will be playing himself. He previously appeared in films such as Dope in 2015 and MFKZ in 2018.

Tracey Pakosta, Netflix’s head of comedy, told Deadline, “Vince has already established himself as one of the most talented young musicians today and we’re really excited about how his sensibility—and sense of humor—will translate into a unique comedy series.”

Staples, Gambino, RZA and Kid Cudi

Staples follows a long line of rappers who enter the world of television. Childish Gambino is known for his stellar performance in Atlanta as a cynical college dropout trying to make it big in rap. This performance won the rapper, also known as Donald Glover, his first Emmy. RZA was also nominated for an Emmy for Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which chronicles the formation of the Wu-Tang Clan. Recently, Kid Cudi has also teamed up with Netflix to create a new animated series Entergalatic, which also has Kenya Barris as executive producer.

Vince Staples recently tweeted that he’s looking to connect with acting legend Meryl Streep, so we can only hope she answers his call.

The rapper released his latest album, “Ramona Park Broke My Heart”, last April.

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