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Music / February 5, 2021

Watch Sad Night Dynamite’s unsettling new video for ‘Smoke Hole’

Music / February 5, 2021

Watch Sad Night Dynamite’s unsettling new video for ‘Smoke Hole’

Familiarise yourself with the weird and wonderful world of Sad Night Dynamite with their new stop motion video that sees the pair roll towards a hellish festival headline slot.

Sad Night Dynamite are a duo on the rise and today, they’ve shared a brand new video for their single ‘Smoke Hole’.

It lands ahead of their self-titled debut mixtape set for release on February 26 and gives an insight into the mind-bending world their music resides in.

Not resigned to any one particular sound, much of the pair’s appeal lies in their unpredictability. Whether it’s the wobbly and otherworldly sounds of ‘Icy Violence’ or the autotuned croons of ‘Killshot’ SND like to keep listeners on their toes.

‘Smoke Hole’ follows suit and is a west coast lite offering injecting Dr Dre-inspired synths through the lens of the weirder side of UK rap.

SND describe ‘Smoke Hole‘ as:

getting lost in your own thoughts. We wanted it to feel as though you’re sort of sinking through your own brain – the further into the song you get, the deeper into your own head you fall, that’s kind of why the song gets weirder and weirder. We wrote it whilst both hypnotised by a zoltar, so beyond that it doesn’t make a lot of sense.” 

The video, a stop-motion piece directed by Edie Lawrence gives another glimpse into the ever-evolving visual world of SND.

Keen fans spotted the pair in the studio with FKA Twigs last year and with co-signs from Ashnikko, Shy Girl and Jeshi, 2021 is set to be big for Sad Night Dynamite.

Watch the video for ‘Smoke Hole’ below: