General News / April 29, 2021

When in the name of God are they opening the pubs?

General News / April 29, 2021

When in the name of God are they opening the pubs?

Let’s retire the term “wet pub” for evermore

Ireland looks set to ease restrictions, after one of the longest consecutive lockdowns the world has seen. Rumours and leaks are rife ahead of the Taoiseach Micheal Martin’s address to the nation speech later on today.

Reports have emerged that all pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve outdoors from either June 7th or mid-June.

This comes as Minister Eamon Ryan, yesterday announced the scrapping of the much-contested “substantial meal rule” which was in place for much of Summer 2020. The rule which restricted the sale of alcohol to customers unless a meal was ordered, this meal had to priced over €9 in order to be considered “substantial”.

This much-contested rule left traditional pubs (which only served alcohol) over consecutive 409 days without trading.

The reopening of the hospitality sector has been one of the most anticipated aspects of the reopening strategy, which has seen a rapid number of media leaks since yesterday afternoon.

Political correspondent with Virgin Media Gavin Reilly reported on a raft of proposals being discussed in Cabinet this afternoon, ahead of the Taoiseach’s address this evening.

Reilly predicted May 10th as being a key day for reopenings with intercounty travel being allowed, personal services reopening, click and collect, adult training and an extension to household visits to three households out of doors alongside 50 people being allowed in places of worship. Reilly also listed June 2nd as when hotels and B&Bs will be reopened, and June 7th when hotel bars and restaurants can serve residents, outdoor hospitality and gyms and swimming pools are reopened.

A senior Government source told Dublin Live, “June 10th is the date that has been mentioned for hotels (reopening).

“The vaccination programme has been working and it is the plan to continue to progress the reopening of our society.” When asked by the publication if the future included plans for hotels, pubs and restaurants, the source added, “yes, hospitality included.”

Licenced Vintners Association [LVA] have called on the government to allow outdoor drinks and food by May 24. “Seems Gov is now playing favourites and adopting certain rules for one part of hospitality but different rules for the rest,” the LVA tweeted, “can Covid tell it’s in a hotel now? Same risk profile applies to indoor service in all hospitality settings,” they added.

A representative from Grogan’s pub on South Williams Street South issued a statement saying “Can’t remember being this anxious/nervous for an announcement. Feels like a real make or break moment for Irelands hospitality industry and the thousands of people affected by it’s closure.”

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