Counter Culture / July 8, 2022

You can buy boots made from Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Rolls

The 'Gregg's Vegan Sausage Roll Boot'
Counter Culture / July 8, 2022

You can buy boots made from Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Rolls

Words: Ciarán Howley

Images: Koi Footwear

Gregg’s….but make it fashion.

Vegan footwear brand Koi is selling a pair of boots constructed using plant-based sausage rolls from British bakery Gregg’s, entitled “The Gregg Vegan Sausage Roll Boot.”

According to the Manchester-based brand, these edible kicks consist of lace-up vegan-sausage fastening, a cushioned pastry insole and, most importantly, “devilishly good puff pastry.” 

Koi is a cruelty-free, ethical shoe company based in the United Kingdom, producing shoes, boots and faux leather accessories inspired by alternative fashion and culture. Known for their bold, colourful designs, this one takes the cake….or the sausage even. 

While not associated with Gregg’s, these boots (if real) would surely go down a treat among loyal devotees of the beloved British chain. The Vegan Sausage Roll is a cult favourite but has found itself embroiled in controversy thanks to Piers Morgan, targeting its supposed appeal to “PC-ravaged clowns.”

Although scratching, Morgan’s protestation sent sales of the meat-free snack through the roof.

The sausage substitute certainly lends itself to younger, more plant-based foodies, but Gregg’s has transformed its brand for the age of collabs and digital hype. The 2020s have seen a collaboration with Primark and hopping in on countless online memes and trends.

However, they’re not cheap. These brogues are going for £1206, almost as much as Balenciaga’s distressed “Paris” shoe, which made waves online for its downtrodden look and bloated price tag ($1850). That’s more than a thousand times the price of a Gregg’s vegan sausage roll. Just don’t ask former PM Boris Johnson.

Get a look at these bad boys here.

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