Music / November 11, 2020

Zane Lowe wrote the hook for Action Bronson’s ‘Baby Blue’

Zane Lowe via Radio 1 website / Action Bronson via Rolling Stone - Tom Gould
Music / November 11, 2020

Zane Lowe wrote the hook for Action Bronson’s ‘Baby Blue’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Queen’s rapper revealed that the legendary radio DJ wrote the hook for his hit with Chance The Rapper, whilst speaking to Phil Taggart on the Slacker Podcast.

Earlier this week, Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart released the latest episode of his Slacker Podcast with none other than Queens’ native Action Bronson.

Bronsolino spoke at length about what he’s been up to lately and in the midst of conversation the pair found a common connection in Zane Lowe. Phil worked with the Kiwi radio DJ during his time at Radio 1 and Bronson has recorded radio shows for the Beats1 network which Zane is currently employed by.

Continuing, Phil said that he had heard the pair had worked together in London on music. Bronson responded by revealing that during their time collaborating in the capital Zane wrote the hook for Action Bronson’s ‘Baby Blue‘.

Action Bronson’s ‘Baby Blue’ features Chance the Rapper.

He said, “He actually worked on my biggest song ‘Baby Blue‘, he wrote the hook pretty much”.

“He came with the idea, I was with Mark Ronson in London in a studio in King’s Cross. Zane had the studio above him and we were working for a couple of days, we were doing cool shit but nothing had stuck yet.”

“Then Mark played this piano riff or whatever and then Zane came through and started saying some crazy words in his voice.”

“I was like what the hell is going on?! I only knew Zane as this radio guy. I didn’t know he was coming over with vocals. That’s the one and only I ever said anyone else’s idea or words ever, it was Zane Lowe.”

‘Baby Blue’ is currently sitting on just over 107 million streams on Spotify and is some of Bronson’s most commericially successful work.

Listen to the full podcast interview below: