Features / October 12, 2022

Zaska and Jus Me to perform at Guinness Cork Jazz Presents: Alchemy

Features / October 12, 2022

Zaska and Jus Me to perform at Guinness Cork Jazz Presents: Alchemy

Words: Ellen Kenny

Join a host of artists on October 21 at the Complex, Smithfield, Guinness Cork Jazz for Alchemy.

Guinness Cork Jazz comes to Dublin in the form of a multi-disciplinary art experience, Alchemy, where unexpected magic happens as boundaries are blurred and definitions are reimagined. They have invited a host of artists from different art forms to celebrate improvisation, creativity and self-expression, all things that Jazz stands for.

Guinness has teamed up with the upcoming Cork Jazz Festival to create a fresh twist on classic jazz. Ahead of the festival on October 28, they are coming to Dublin to get fans geared up for unique sounds and creativity. 

Festival Poster 2022

On October 21 at the Complex, Smithfield,  Guinness Cork Jazz will present Alchemy, a one-off event featuring the improvised beauty of jazz. Alchemy will mix together multiple art forms to celebrate jazz in all its strands, from the super accessible to the beautifully niche.

Kicking off at 19:00, two teams of visual artists will join together in a multi-disciplinary art jam session producing spontaneous work on three huge blank canvases. The artists will be tasked to react to the atmosphere and create art to bring the energy of Cork Jazz Festival all the way up to Dublin. Competing artists include Claire Provoust, Holly Pereira, Kin MX, James Kirwan, Shane O’Driscoll and Ashwin Chako.

Accompanying the artists will be Jazz-inspired DJ Jus Me to provide the bedrock of the audiobed through the event. Brass band Zaska will punch in at particular moments to riff with Jus Me and react to the pieces created by the artists, creating an interactive & collaborative experience from start to finish.

Tickets for Guinness Cork Jazz Presents: Alchemy are invitation only, and we will be offering our audience an exclusive chance to win some in the next few days, so keep an eye out on our feed for more info.

Please drink Guinness responsibly.

Visit drinkaware.ie for more information.

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