Here’s 10 festive film experiences you can see in Dublin this Christmas

With the easing of restrictions this week, cinemas have been able to open their doors once again. Across Dublin, cinemas have been announcing the showing of festive classics. Whether you’re on a cosy hot chocolate buzz or would rather a mulled wine or two, here’s a few of our favourite movies you can watch on the big screen this December.

Elf- Who doesn’t love Elf? An all-time favourite, perfect for the whole family. If you’re in need of a wholesome buzz after a long day of working from home, visit The Light House Cinema.
Show times: Tuesday 8 @ 18:15

Die Hard- Is it a Christmas film, is it not? Honestly who cares, it’s set at Christmastime and that’s enough for us. Get your fill of action and excitement after a week of boredom in work in Movies At Swords.
Showtimes: Friday 4- Thursday 10 @ 17:00 and 18:10

It’s A Wonderful Life- A true Christmas classic that must be seen at least once a year. If you’re in need of a good cry and want to set off festivities, head to The Light House.
Showtimes: Monday 7- Sunday 13 @ lunchtime

Love Actually- Whatever people say about Love Actually, it’s a noughties Christmas classic. Yes its cheesy and a bit sappy but it’s the of Christmas ensemble mega-film and we love it. Grab yourself a bottle of Sav and don’t even try to pretend you’re not crying when Emma Thompson receives the CD of Joni Mitchell. See this masterpiece at The Stella Cinema Rathmines.
Showtimes: Saturday 5, Friday 11 @ 21:00

Home Alone(s)- Yes you can see both Home Alone 1 AND 2 at Movies-@ this Christmas. Have a relax after a long day of shopping and take a look at baby Macauley Culkin’s antics at home and in New York in Movies At Swords.
Showtimes: Saturday 5- Thursday 10 @ 14:20

The Grinch (2018)- The newest rendition of Dr Suess’ classic is showing in most cinemas this Christmas. Sit back into the cosy seats of The Stella Theatre to enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s Grinch accompanied by Tyler The Creator’s festive beats.

Muppet Christmas Carol- Hands down the best version of the Dickens’ classic, the Muppet’s version is a must-watch every year. Enjoy the hilarious rendition with a sneaky mulled wine at The Light House.
Showtimes: Monday 7- Saturday 12 @ lunchtime

White Christmas- What’s Christmas without the soothing voice of Bing Crosby. The 1954 classic, which can be seen at The Stella Theatre, stars Bing alongside Vera-Ellen, Rosemary Clooney and Danny Hayes.
Showtimes: Tuesday 8 @ 14:00

The Holiday- Look, this isn’t everybody’s festive favourite. But for fans of The Holiday, it’s definitely an annual watch. Starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, we recommend bringing a sneaky bottle of wine into the screen at The Stella to fully enjoy this one.
Showtimes: Sunday 6, Saturday 12, Friday 18 @ 21:00

Miracle on 34th Street- Whether it’s the 1947 classic or the 1994 Matilda version, Miracle on 34th Street is the heartwarming remedy we all need this year. There’s no doubt that Richard Attenborough is the ultimate Santa Claus. See either version at Movies At.
Showtimes: Friday 4- Tuesday 10 @ 14:00 and 16:50

Have a look at The Light House, Stella and Movies At for screening times.