‘Our Place’ tenderly documents a couple reuniting in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic

Our Place is a specially commissioned piece for To Be Irish. District Magazine have collaborated with writer Hannah O’Connell on a moving short film which documents a couple’s trepidation as they reunite in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I should have worn my old perfume. The one you know”, one of the characters frets, “I saw the bottle as I stepped over a pile of clothes not good enough for you.” Set against the backdrop of a wild Clare coastline, the churning sea and blistering wind mirrors the two lovers’ own anxieties about their reunion.

Shot by Ror Conaty with a soulful emotional score courtesy of J Smith, ‘Our Place’ is a tender reflection on distance erased as Irish people return home at Christmas time.

Presented by To Be Irish in collaboration with District Magazine

Watch Our Place below: