A guide to today’s essential workshops at Ireland Music Week

Words: Dylan Murphy
Photo: Phil Taggart via Radio 1

This afternoon is stacked with must-attend virtual workshops for keen artists and music fans.

Ireland Music Week comes to a close this afternoon. For over 17 years the music showcase event has highlighted some of the country’s best talent to industry professionals and provided practical information for those looking to navigate the industry. This year has been a little more tricky, but IMW has nailed its new format with 50 Irish acts performing over the past three days and with a multitude of informative workshops, it’s adapted fantastically to difficult conditions.

Going completely online for the first time, a number of experienced music industry professionals are talking across a number of workshops designed to help artists make sense of a rapidly changing environment. All workshops and panels are 45 minutes each and range from how to promote your music to getting yourself booked for festivals.

Below we have a breakdown of our favourite panels this afternoon, with some handy info and timings.


Irish Music on the Radio 13:00

Hosted by Sinead Troy of Yangaroo and featuring a line-up of radio’s finest ‘Irish Music on the Radio’ breaks down how playlists work and gives some more essential info about UK radio. Featuring Phil Taggart of Radio 1, Tara Stewart of RTE2FM, John Keane of KCLR FM and Michaela Hayes of iRadio it’s ideal for artists seeking to get some airtime on their releases.

Music Streaming 101 – 15:00

Hosted by journalist Luke Sharkey, Music Streaming 101 seeks to inform viewers of what exactly it means to work hand in hand with all digital partners. It’ll include words from Adam Read (Deezer) and Ivan Klucka (Diffusion Lab) and there will be discussion on playlists on streaming services and content too.

Get Export Ready to Showcase Internationally – 15:30

Exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Get Ready to Showcase Internationally’ is for the artists ready to take the next step in their career. Hosted by James Byrne and featuring a number of key names from the festivals and the Irish export office, it’ll talk about what ‘Export Ready’ actually means. It’s a very experienced line-up and a must-watch for artists aspiring to go global.

Speakers: Dev Sherlock (SXSW), Angela Dorgan (Music From Ireland), Robert Meijerink (ENSN), Adam Ryan (The Great Escape)

Keychange presents: Gender Balance in Music – 16:00

Keychange is a pioneering European initiative which is empowering underrepresented genders with support, advice and training. Francine Gorman from Keychange will be speaking alongside Sarah Corcoran from Pillow Queens and Shauna Watson (We’ve Only Just Begun) with the talk being hosted by May Kay.

Getting Gigs in the US – 16:30

Performing in the USA can be a moment that changes an artist’s career. This talk hosted by Arveene focuses on how to build a profile in the states followed by a discussion on how to capitalise on that exposure to tour. Speakers include Carly James (Paradigm Agency), Dev Sherlock (SXSW), Mahmood Shaikh (Concerted Efforts), Michelle Landry (The Bowery Presents).

Sync / Music Supervision – 17:00 

James Byrne hosts a workshop on getting your music in ads or TV. Increasingly we’ve seen it as a clever way to get a song to a new audience. In recent times Soulé had her ‘Love Tonight’ on Love Island and Samuel Diaz (CBS), Jesseina Moreira (Paradigm), Andrea Madden (Made In Chelsea) will talk about the science of placement and provide tips.

Click here to see the full list of conferences and workshops.