August: The 20 best Electronic Tracks this Month

As we say farewell to summer, we take a look back at all the best electronic music that has been scoring cloud-gazing in the park, morning commutes, getting ready to go out and everything in between.

From the excited anticipation for Joy Orbison’s debut full-length, to Irish debuts on Wisdom Teeth and ridiculous aliases (looking at you, DJ Football), here’s the very best from August!

Joy Orbison – swag w/ Kav (w/ James Massiah & Bathe)

Joy Orbison’s first ever full length mixtape (he doesn’t seem to like the term ‘album’) was certainly worth the wait. Amongst the subdued 2-step, ambient and jungle influence, ‘swag’ shines as one of the project’s brightest lights with excellent features from James Massiah and Bathe. Spoken-word excellence. 

A Little Seal – Foca Loca

An Eternal Ocean label-head Ronan dons his A Little Seal moniker for a shapeshifting tale through Spanish and English culture. Latin-American riddims and auto-tuned sensibility shine through this mythical, forward-gazing tale.

Sputnik One – Love From Above [Wisdom Teeth]

It’s Sputnik One. It’s on Wisdom Teeth. Just buy it already.

DJ Football – early overground [Pedicure Records]

The Premier League returned this month, as did DJ Football, with a killer blend of stripped back percussion and warped bassline.

Nienna – Wish I Could [SESH FM]

Irish producer Nienna’s full release on SESH FM isn’t actually out until September 17th, but pitched-vocal wave-step banger ‘Wish I Could‘ is available now and is about to become your most replayed track of the evening.

Ross From Friends – The Daisy [Brainfeeder]

The much-anticipated follow up to Ross From Friends’ Family Portrait arrives on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label in October. Lead single, ‘The Daisy’, is out now and it’s a blissed-out trip through inward contemplation.

Plush Management Inc. – Slumber Party 5.0 [Plush Records]

The second Plush Managements Inc record is finally here from D.Tiffany and Regularfantasy and just in time to dominate late summer sound systems. ‘Slumber Party 5.0’ is the Free Britney edit that you didn’t think you needed.


Brooklyn based producer QRTR’s latest records blends elements of ambient, IDM and drum & bass to mesmerising effect. An experimental approach laced in emotional ribbons, ‘Want Me 2’ is our pick of the bunch (although it could have been any of them).

Inwards – Hospital Job

Glitchy melodica, bass-driven soundscapes and world-building imagination from Inwards on the second single from his forthcoming record Feeling So Fun Reality. Rich, colourful and hallucinatory.

Alix Perez – Empty Words [1985]

Has Alix Perez ever made a bad tune? We’ll answer. No, he hasn’t. ‘Empty Face’ gets all up in your face in the best way possible.

Aya – Emley lights us moor (feat Iceboy Violet) [Hyperdub]

Those familiar with Loraine James’ latest record, Reflection, will be familiar with Iceboy Violet. He dazzles again here, this time alongside Aya who bends minds with her insane production and vocal work. These two are set to blow.

Bye2 – Kotu Tavsan [Kitty On Fire Records]

Play this album at your own risk. It will change you. ‘Kotu Tavsan’ is nearly five tracks in one – frantic, fun and unapologetic – and has to be heard to be believed. 

Aloka – Inta [Typeless Records]

Blending elements of ambient, breakbeat and electro, Aloka’s ‘Inta’ is a wistful dreamscape designed to relax and inspire. Electronic music for the home listeners, or the extremely hungover.

Ktskm – On F [PALSOUND]

There are so many exciting variations of traditionally UK sound coming out of Japan, and this cut of minimal, lo-fi jungle from Ktskm is no exception. 160 sound that could be played in a warm up. Warm meditative goodness. 

Destrata – Bait & Switch [3024]

At the beginning of the pandemic 3024 bossman Martyn started a mentoring programme to help producers of all levels to find their own voice and develop it. A three part compilation featuring the artists that have shared this journey has been announced, and Destrata’s ‘Bait & Switch’ is our pick from volume two – modern, percussive rave that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Batu set. 

Ike – Inter [Die Orakel]

Introspective, IDM-influenced breaks with one eye on the past and another one the future. Big tip.

E L L E – Witchking/Angmar [Supernature]

Auto-tuned, gothic-wave that signals the beginning of a new era. This is the future. 

Sully – 5ives [Over/Shadow]

Sully never misses! His modern take on UKG and jungle is simply too massive to be ignored – this is huuuuuuuuuuuge! The strings man, the strings!

Swoose – Bloom [Shall Not Fade]

Belfast born, London based Swoose follows up a release on Shall Not Fade’s sub-label with a main-label project inspired by nature and funghi. ‘Bloom’ is an example of why everyone should be getting excited for Swoose SZN.

Pink Pantheress – Just For Me

If you haven’t heard of Pink Pantheress yet, where have you been? The London artist blew up overnight thanks to TikTok and she’s been busy crafting her own lane in contemporary garage and breaks with bubblegum, sweetheart lyricism and future-electronica flavour.