Kelly Doherty on the music that soundtracked her club experience

Hollows & Fentimans teamed up with four of the country’s leading DJs for a unique live stream to celebrate the venues that brought us together in the absence of club nights. An act with an eclectic taste, Gadget & The Cloud explores the myriad of sounds and genres that found a home in The Twisted Pepper and WigWam.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Bodytonic venues have come to shape youth culture and nightlife in Dublin in recent years. Hosting some of the most impressive DJs in the world whilst championing homegrown talent in the city centre The Twisted Pepper and now Wigwam have been a lynchpin in some of the most memorable night’s in the capital’s collective psyche.

To celebrate their impact whilst we wait on WigWam’s full return R.kitt, Sam Greenwood, Kelly Doherty aka Gadget & The Cloud and George Feely provided nostalgic mixes that nodded to their most memorable nights on the club’s dance floor.

Recorded straight from WigWam, the four acts’ 45 minute servings played out like optimistic photo books, providing a window into their formative nights in the venue whilst also creating a sense of anticipation for its return.

Up next, we have Gadget & The Cloud breaking down her selection. Ahead of the event, Kelly said, “The songs I selected all remind me of long, joyful nights dancing and sweating on the Wigwam floor.”

“When I think of Wigwam, I think of getting excited to see my favourite homegrown DJ talents and stumbling upon unknown club nights where the vibe was exactly. My first night spent in Wigwam was a Murlo headliner with support from my pal Numbertheory and it was absolutely one of those magical evenings that felt like it would never end. The likes of ELLL, Ozwald, Tension are exactly the types of DJs who made me excited for Wigwam nights and my last big night before the pandemic was spent there at a Club Comfort event.”

“The other cuts are a mixture of the bouncing drum & bass and UK garage tracks I associate with some of my favourite Wigwam nights.”


1.8.7 – New York City

Wigwam is such a good spot for catching tasty drum and bass cuts and New York City is one of the best.


Stylo G & The Fanatix – Touch Down

I ended up in Wigwam after DJing elsewhere one evening and found myself in a big UKG and drum and bass set that kicked off with this track and have so many great memories from that night.


Skepta & Wizkid – Energy (Stay Far Away)

One of my favourite tracks to play out, just unbeatable good vibes.


Loraine James – Thinking Of You (Numbertheory Remix)

My first night out in Wigwam was a Sesh FM party with my good pal Numbertheory warming up the crowd. This track is him remixing one of my favourite producers at the moment. 


Murlo & Conducta – Together

Murlo headlined my first night out in Wigwam and it was an absolute stunner of a set. I’m a huge fan of his work and this song always puts me on a good buzz.


Gabrielle – Out Of Reach (Sunshine Radio Edit)

I absolutely cannot wait to get behind the decks and bang out this tune the a room of people again.


Breakage – Hard

This track does what it says on the tin and sets the crowd off every turn.


Sir Spyro – Side by Side (ft Big H & Bossman Birdie & President T)

Another song I’m so excited to get going in a club once again.


Skream – Dutch Flowers

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard this cut out on the dancefloor and it reminds me of building up the anticipation for a huge night out. 


Ozwald – Speaker Bugs

When I think of Wigwam, I think of getting excited to see my favourite homegrown DJ talents and Ozwald and the Wriggle lads have soundtracked some brilliant nights.


DJ Selky -The 46Anthem

My last time heading out to the club before the pandemic started was for the most recent Club Comfort party. DJ Selky is one of the CC crew and this new release of his absolutely goes off. 


ELLL- Febreeze

Ellen is one of my DJing heroes and I can’t wait to see her again once to clubs open up.


Tension – Scene Two

Countless nights out have been at the alter of the Flood Collective’s sets. Tension and Doubt are two of my favourite DJs and every night is guaranteed craic. 


DJ Taye – Gimme Some Mo

It’s impossible to not dance when this track comes on and it reminds me of fun in the club surrounded by all of my friends.


Ray Keith – Chopper (Shy FX remix)

A bouncy, soft close to the set, perfect for getting ready for the after session or legging it to DiFontaines for a 2am pizza slice. 

Watch Gadget & The Cloud’s set below:

Please drink Hollows responsibly

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