R.Kitt on the music that soundtracked his club experience

Hollows & Fentimans teamed up with four of the country’s leading DJs for a unique live stream to celebrate the venues that brought us together in the absence of club nights. As one of the capital’s most exciting selectors, R.Kitt frequently cut his teeth in The Twisted Pepper and WigWam and he’s broken down the tracks that speak to his experiences in the venues.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Bodytonic venues have come to shape youth culture and nightlife in Dublin in recent years. Hosting some of the most impressive DJs in the world whilst championing homegrown talent in the city centre The Twisted Pepper and now Wigwam have been a lynchpin in some of the most memorable night’s in the capital’s collective psyche.

To celebrate their impact whilst we wait on WigWam’s full return R.Kitt, Sam Greenwood, Kelly Doherty aka Gadget & The Cloud and George Feely provided nostalgic mixes that nodded to their most memorable nights on the club’s dance floor.

Recorded straight from WigWam, the four acts’ 45 minute servings played out like optimistic photo books, providing a window into their formative nights in the venue whilst also creating a sense of anticipation for its return.

Following his set, we spoke to R.Kitt and he broke down his setlist and what it means to him.


Tr One – Living in Now

So many memories of seeing Tr One play live both upstairs and in the basement of the Pepper. Live techno from Carlow’s finest.


Gnork – No Gravity

A real dreamy escapist tune for early in the night in the basement when you’re just trying to find your feet.


Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B

Many hopeful moments imagined deep in my own mind in the basement. A track that lets you envision a better world.


Pepe Bradock – Vermeille

A laughing while your dancing kind of track.


Honey Soundsystem – Crystal (Servitos 730 Reshape)

Functional, stripped back, groove based. All you need to meditate really.


Virginia – Funkert

Virginia is a master of a club vocal. This one fills you with so much energy. Gets your dancing on the tip of your toes.


Makam – What Ya Doin’

Distinct memory of Barry Redsetta playing this on the last night of the Twisted Pepper. The lyric is so good. “You can be my teacher I’ll do homework”. We all were best in class that night.


Mosca – Bax

Spinback central.


DJ OK – Moments in Code

Emotionally escapism in an apreggio.


Fio Fa – In To Da Groove

Dublin’s only Fio Fa. The energy that this one could generate. The darkness and the groove at the same time. Really creates a sound which encapsulates Dublin.


New Members – Deep in the Night

Another Dublin producer, another soundscape which encapsulates the city. This one a bit more hopeful. The mantra of the vocal really takes you away, deep, deep into the night.


Mr G – My Farther’s Farda


I remember dancing to Leon Vynehall playing this one many moons ago. The bassline through the big stacks in the basement, oof.. It felt like the earth was dancing below our feet.


Karizma – Nuffin Else

Think it was Hunee in the basement playing this, and the HEAVE of positive emotion in the build in the vocal. Can’t match it.


Underground Resistance – Hardlife

UR are my greatest inspiration in dance music. Their music has always resonated for me on Irish dancefloors. Life is hard. The dancefloor is a proper coping mechanism. This one has helped with the malaise many times.

Watch R.kitt’s full set below:

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