Feature / October 22, 2021

Top Ten Tracks: Obongjayar, Yenkee, AZADI.mp3 & more 22/10/21

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

At the end of each week, we count down the ten essential new tracks you need in your rotation. Ranging from rappers in the Emerald Isle to boundary-pushing, experimental producers and everything in between, it’s all hits, no filler.

This week sees a genre-agnostic new drop from Obongjayar, Yenkee embracing his inner Dolly Parton and AZADI.mp3 letting off the handbrake on a raging new track.

Obongjayar, photo by Bolade Banjo


Tommy Tomad Goosebumps

Feel good rhythm for soundtracking the return to clubs this weekend.


Digga D Red Light Green Light

I mean, it was only a matter of time before an artist tapped into Squid Game for new music.

Being less precious about dropping singles than other genres means Drill has the uncanny ability to quickly churn out songs informed by the online cultural zeitgeist. Digga D’s ‘Red Light Green Light‘ is case in point.


Enfant Sauvage Time To Fall

In ‘Time To Fall, Guillaume Alric is continuing the cinematic legacy of The Blaze in his solo project Enfant Sauvage. A slowly unwinding track, that unleashes what feels like years of tension in an otherworldly crescendo.

Be sure to peep the self-directed video.


ENNY Bernie Mac Feat. Odeal

Executing an exercise in swapping bars with the proficiency of childhood friends pulling off a secret handshake, ‘Bernie Mac’ is technically brilliant rap from a dimly lit room.


MuRli Odyssey Feat. Gemma Dunleavy

MuRli and Gemma Dunleavy have joined forces on ‘Odyssey’ ahead of the release of MuRli’s forthcoming EP The Sky Has Windows. The cut sees the pair weave in and out over production from Cork’s Boku that’s stabbing bass shares DNA with some of the biggest early hits from Hudson Mohawk.


Caleb Kunle Could Be Good

Born in Lagos Nigeria and raised in Laois, Caleb Kunle’s ‘Could Be Good‘  indulges in naturalistic psych-tinged production that leaves ample space for his soulful vocals to shine.


Big Sean What a Life

Big Sean’s first lead single of the year featuring production from Hit-Boy.


Yenkee Dolly

Weaving between fever dreams about Hollywood parties and white limousines and the crushing grind of day to day life, ‘Dolly’ is Yenkee trying to make sense of the disparity between his dreams and reality. Wrestling with hand puppets and travelling through space, The London-based singer’s new visuals are directed by Soft Boy Records co-founder Kojaque bringing a layer of absurdity to a cut that invites you to indulge in your wildest fantasies .



Glitchy, twisted and visceral, ‘NAZAR’ is AZADI.mp3 letting off the handbrake and allowing her inner most frustrations take the wheel on a journey fuelled by a love of club culture and informed by her Iranian heritage.


Obongjayar Message In a Hammer

Hot off the back of a stellar feature on Little Simz’ ‘Point and Kill’, Obongjayar returns with the first single from his debut album. Creeping over the pounding instrumental like fresh mist engulfing an outdoor rave,  ‘Message in a Hammer’ is the London-based artist sharing a cry to war against the poowers that be.

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