Entertainment / May 13, 2022

5 songs that were robbed at Eurovision 2022

Entertainment / May 13, 2022

5 songs that were robbed at Eurovision 2022

Words: Eva O’Beirne

This year’s Eurovision has been a complete mixed bag, with a clear preference for ballads and belting.

We’ve compiled the songs that we feel were absolutely robbed at this year’s competition. Did we miss any of your favourites?

  1. Stripper – San Marino

A mechanical bull? A gay kiss? A song called Stripper? This Maneskin 2.0 entry had all the potential, just not enough votes.

Poor San Marino though. Last year they must have spent half of their GDP getting Flo Rida to collaborate for their Eurovision entry, only to place 22nd.

  1. Eat Your Salad – Latvia

It may not be a lyrical masterpiece, but it perfectly embodies the silliness that Eurovision should be. A vegetarian/vegan, pro-pleasure recycling anthem for the masses. But perhaps the inclusion of Norway’s Give That Wolf A Banana was enough for Europe this year.

  1. Halo – Austria

Eurovision isn’t Eurovision without some mad euro-pop disco song featuring too many lights and way too enthusiastic performers. Austria’s entry for this year made us nostalgic for the Eurovision song contests of the early 2000s.

But again, maybe what used to be a sure thing for a Eurovision qualifier just doesn’t cut it anymore. And perhaps, Eurovision doesn’t have room for entries that are more focused on fun than professionalism.

  1. The Show – Denmark

A strong entry that appealed to all generations The Show from Denmark encapsulated a perfect indie-pop attitude that should have grabbed Europe’s attention. Unfortunately, they failed to qualify past the first semi-final.

  1. That’s Rich – Ireland

We’ve never seen Marty Whelan so heartbroken.

Not that we’re sore losers or anything but it was meant to be our year, the year we truly believed in ourselves. And like Carrie being crowned prom queen, it just wasn’t our night.

Maybe it wasn’t the right sound for Europe this year – none of the pop girlies seemed to qualify either.

All we can hope for is for RTร‰ to keep the Eurosong, to stay enthusiastic about presenting Irish talent to the world stage. And for God’s sake play the entry on the radio next year – Brooke was vocal enough about how she felt about support from home.

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