General News / April 16, 2020

Artists! Here’s the course you need to help your music get noticed

General News / April 16, 2020

Artists! Here’s the course you need to help your music get noticed

If you pledge €150 or more we will give you the essential low down on getting your music out there with a helping hand from some of the Irish music industry’s finest including Nealo and God Knows.

Are you a musician with that next big hit, but have had no success getting it out there? Having trouble getting any blogs or sites to read your press release? Or you don’t even know what a press release is? Perhaps you just need some practical advice on navigating the industry from a fellow musician.

We all know what it feels like to be left on read and it’s more frustrating knowing you have the material, but just can’t get it in front of the right people. Getting your music shared on magazines and blogs can provide you with a much needed boost, opening you up to potentially hundreds of new fans, but for many artists the murky waters of the music industry are difficult to navigate.

Having six years experience in receiving music and videos in every way, shape and form means we can help. We’ve a course available with all the available knowledge and expertise to give you the best chance to get your music out there. We have also enlisted RTÉ Choice Prize winner God Knows from Rusangano Family and Clonsilla Rapper Nealo to use their experience to help too.

For those unaware we recently launched our kickstarter for a new website that can be found here. It will allow us to continue pushing Irish culture to the world and we’ve provided some great incentives, including this one to make it worth it if you decide to give some of your hard earned cash.

In reality this incentive should just be called ‘How to actually send an email to a music publication and have them read it’, but we probably wouldn’t get many people backing it (even though it would be worth it just for that knowledge).

This one day course will also involve some top dogs in Irish of music management, events and press as we collectively give you the tools to become the next Daniel O’Donnell (or not).

*Note* This is dependent on how many people claim this prize. If fewer than 5, this will be a half day intensive workshop with District Staff on a one by one basis. If it is claimed by 5 or more it will be a group mentoring session with guests from the industry


  • Mentoring/Consultancy Session for Independent Musicians
  • Early access to District 007: Chaos
  • Copy of Issue 006
  • Invite to launch party

We firmly believe that this course equip you with the necessary tools, experience and advice to ensure you have the best chance possible to get noticed in a busy industry.

Click here to donate and avail of this course.