Counter Culture / September 16, 2022

Daniel O’Donnell is selling his Dublin penthouse

Image: Youtube
Counter Culture / September 16, 2022

Daniel O’Donnell is selling his Dublin penthouse

Words: Ellen Kenny

For the small, small price of 760,000 euros, you could eat, sleep and breathe in the same space as Irish icon Daniel O’Donnell.

We have good and bad news. The bad news? Irish country star and softest-speaking man alive Daniel O’Donnell is selling his Dublin home and leaving the capital. The good news? You can buy Daniel O’Donnell’s penthouse.

According to the listing, 77 Ballintyre Grove, Ballinteer is a “luxurious” home, and they do not use that word lightly. Daniel’s penthouse includes three en-suite bedrooms, an extra bathroom, a huge kitchen and two private balconies. The listing also suggests that the dining/living quarters can be transformed into a “ballroom”. So at least we know Daniel was an absolute party animal at this Dublin penthouse, and you can be too.

Located in Ballinteer, it’s less than an hour on public transport into the city centre. And there are apparently some stunning views of the Dublin mountains from the south-face balcony.

And on top of all that, the price isn’t even that unreasonable. Daniel is selling his Dublin 16 property for 760,000 euros. It’s definitely on the pricier side of Dublin 16 properties, but Daniel is being reasonable enough, considering a DOD super fan would absolutely buy this penthouse for upwards of a million.

Because of course, if you buy this property, you’re not just buying a penthouse. You’re paying to live as Daniel O’Donnell once lived. You can sit on the same balcony he once sat on. Look out at the same views he once looked at.

Wouldn’t nursing a hangover on your kitchen counter feel so much better knowing a country singer from Donegal once cooked on that very same counter? And I’m sure paying extortionate gas bills wouldn’t be so bad if you knew that your heaters once warmed an Irish legend?

At the very least, here’s to hoping this house is bought by someone who actually wants to live in it. Not someone who would turn that three-bed house into three separate “living units”.

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