Music / February 10, 2021

First listen: Spireview indulges in destructive habits in ‘Out of Mind’

Spireview by Dean Machala
Music / February 10, 2021

First listen: Spireview indulges in destructive habits in ‘Out of Mind’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Watch the exclusive premiere of northern crooner Spireview’s emotive self-examination featuring Leo Miyagee.

Ross Machala AKA Spireview has quietly built a reputation as one of the north’s most fluid artists. Immersing himself in the world of dance, electronic, hip hop and ambient, inevitably elements from the differing sounds have spilt into his work. As comfortable dancing over shadowy percussion as he is riding turbulent synths, Spireview’s output is guided by a commitment to expression rather than curtailed by suffocating notions of genre.

Previously releasing under Belfast label Born Sleepy, the Bangor-based artist is taking the independent route with his forthcoming EP Night Cycles.

Today, we are delighted to reveal the exclusive premiere of Spireview’s new video for ‘Out of Mind’ from his impending project.

Speaking on the visuals Ross explained, “I was wanting to replicate that feeling of the journey home after a night out, ya know the ones where you just pushed yourself a little too hard and you know you’re gonna wake up with the fear in the morning haha”. 

“Those sorta nights now feel like long distant memories and I sure hope I’ve seen the back of them for good.”

Working with fellow northern heavyweight Leo Miyagee, Spireview noted that the process of creating with the rapper was seamless.

“Leo and I go back to when plain sailing did that gig at the lab (ayeland) and I guess we were just on the same wavelength. We’ve jammed a good bit over the years and I’ve yet to see him have a bad day vocally, he’s such a talented dude and always up for exploring different sounds which makes the sessions really smooth and enjoyable.”

Watch ‘Out Of Mind’ featuring Leo Miyagee below:

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