Premiere: Invader Slim – necessary flex

Words: Dylan Murphy

Glacier Gang’s Invader slim is back.

Do you ever hear a record so repulsive, yet so brilliant you can’t help but turn your nose up and raise your arms in the air in some weird hesitant glee? Yeah us neither…

Invader Slim’s ‘necessary Flex’ has an otherwordly air to it. The video game-inspired production from LHK coupled with the mumbled ramblings about hazy nights has it feeling like the music for a fight scene on a 16-bit game centred around a sesh battle royale.

The bouncing synths and no fucks given hedonism sprayed throughout the cut have a magnetic energy that pleads for a return of the sticky nights out that are usually better off forgotten.

Speaking on how the collaboration came together Invader Slim said, “I’ve known LHK off Twitter and all for a year or two now, we’ve been back and forth trying to sort collabs for ages, I’m just slow to get em out. This track was written like last year.”

It’s been a tough year for everyone and Slim revealed before releasing Necessary Flex (his best track to date) he nearly gave up music completely.

“It’s hard enough, there’s so much free time to make the music but nothing really to inspire it, not having anything to look forward to doesn’t help with motivation either. My mental health wasn’t great at all during the full lockdown, cleared my whole IG and was going to quit music. After a trip down Waterford with all the GG boys I was back up on it though.”

Watch the video for ‘Necessary Flex’ below:

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