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Food / April 23, 2021

Now is your chance to try the world’s strongest beer

brewdogofficial @brewdogofficial
Food / April 23, 2021

Now is your chance to try the world’s strongest beer

By Emily Mullen

All 57.8% of it

Brewdog has given beer connoisseurs and people with hollow legs a chance to try the world’s strongest beer, Strength in Numbers. With an ABV that sends shivers down spines, a limited number of bottles are now available for purchase online.

Strength in Numbers is the result of a decade-long international ABV race between Brewdog and German brewery Schorschbräu to brew the world’s strongest beer. “The back and forth that ensued became the stuff of beer legend,” say Brewdog, who announced that they were collaborating with former nemesis Schorschbräu in order to “pen another chapter in this epic saga”.

The beer is made using the traditional Eisbock method which involves freezing the beer and removing chunks of ice leaving the concentrated high ABV liquid behind. The beer features a blend of BrewDog’s own Death or Glory, an ice distilled Belgian golden ale that’s been sitting in whisky casks for 10 years.

The bottle is made up of just 40ml worth of the stuff, but luckily it nearly tips the 60% ABV mark so it is small but mighty. “The result is unlike anything you’ve had before or are likely to have again,” say Brewdog.

The bottle is priced at £28.95 and is available from the Brewdog website while stocks last.

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