Music / November 11, 2021

Premiere: KhakiKid is dragging his heels in ‘Cozy’

Music / November 11, 2021

Premiere: KhakiKid is dragging his heels in ‘Cozy’

Words: Dylan Murphy
Directed by Iarla Mckeon & Willow Kennedy

A hench vegetarian enforcer in a bowlers hat, a janitor and a globetrotting pop up chair all play a key role in an unenthusiastic day in the life of the rapper.

We’ve all had those days where your bed feels a little more comfortable than usual. Where the idea of venturing outside the gaff feels utterly repulsive. Even your favourite rappers aren’t immune to the kind of action paralysis that follows closely behind the Sunday scaries in the anxiety scale. Hell, sometimes it’s just as simple as we can’t be bothered doing what we need to and in ‘Cozy’, KhakiKid isn’t feeling like being in front of the camera. In fact, he’d rather sleep in the bath than make a music video. However, landing like an intervention at a piss up, his director enlists Felipe “The muscle” to quite literally drag him out of his hump day funk and get him sitting straight.

Pushing cereal into his mouth and bouncing between a number of locations, KhakiKid’s latest visuals follow the same surrealist path as his previous endeavours with the Dublin based rapper sharing DNA with the absurdity of Zach Fox, Thundercat and a host of other acts raised by the internet.

The lyrics themselves are filled with pop culture references not dissimilar to the list based approach of Brockhampton’s ‘Gold’, with KhakiKid nodding to The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and Joji.

Ahead of the premiere we caught up with KhakiKid to explore the new video.

Where’d you find the cast for the video?

The cast of the video is probably my favourite thing about the video, literally nobody in the cast knew each other but they’re all a part of my life somehow.

I met Felipe “The muscle” while playing basketball and I instantly knew I needed him and his “Vegetarian” chest tattoo. Pete O’ Hanlon (The Director), is a member of The Zen Arcade (Previously in The Strypes) and a friend of mine who I met through my girlfriend. Cillian (Intro Shot) is a close friend and member of Bricknasty and lastly, I became friends with the great Esmond (The Janitor) at my local skatepark. I’ve got so much love for those guys, their enthusiasm towards the video made the process really easy.

The cast for the video.

What inspired the video?

The plot of the video was me not wanting to shoot a music video but being forced to and that was inspired by me literally not being able to think of anything to do for the music video. All my dawgs have the same sensibilities so it was pretty easy writing it with them once I had the concept.

What can we expect from you in the new year?

You can expect an E.P in February, live shows and a whole lot more Natasha Bedingfield covers.

Watch the video for ‘cozy’ below:

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