Music / October 18, 2022

Premiere: Rory Sweeney’s ‘Spring Came’ is footwork connecting Ireland to Brazil

Photo Credit: Rory Sweeney by Eimear Fitzpatrick
Music / October 18, 2022

Premiere: Rory Sweeney’s ‘Spring Came’ is footwork connecting Ireland to Brazil

Words: Dylan Murphy

Ahead of his forthcoming debut album, Dublin-based producer Rory Sweeney recruits vocalist Pippa Molony for a freeform celebration of winter’s end.

October marks the slow descent into the darker months of the calendar year. When you wake up to zero natural light and leave the office in near-total darkness, it can take a toll on your mind. Summer passes in an instant, but three months can feel like three years in winter, especially when spending time outdoors is prescribed as an antidote, but the rain has you locked inside. Luckily, Rory Sweeney is giving us a glimpse into the future in the new video for ‘Spring Came’. The Dublin-based producer has made waves from his unpredictable catalogue of club sounds which range from grime to jungle and just about anything else that takes his fancy. He’s created a formidable alliance with Ahmed, With Love., Curtisy, E The Artist and crafted the inimitable ‘Men On A Mission.’ and its subsequent remix, which featured Kojaque.

His latest work features a video created by Grainne Galvin. The short and sweet snapshot of Spring is soundtracked by the most tender footwork sounds we’ve ever been introduced to. Ahead of the video’s premiere, Rory and Pippa spoke to us about the creation of the song and what to expect from his forthcoming debut album.

What inspired the song?

Rory: “To be honest, the song is an accident. The instrumental came from experimenting with these audio recordings from the 1970s of a river in brazil, so I kinda messed with them until I got some tone and then turned that into the synths. It crashes my computer every time I open it because theirs so much CPU used. I like the idea of a song that is simultaneously formless but also footwork.”

What’s your hopes for the album?

Rory: “I hope people listen to the record hehe. This is the music I’ve always wanted to make. Think video games meets grime music meets William Basinski. I made certain concessions sonically (that I loved) in order to get to this point, where people would have faith and give my music a chance. The album is 2 or so years in the making. 

Heavily indebted to and inspired by the likes of Lee Bannon, Evian Christ, Rezzett, Zora Jones, Oli XL, Arca, Machinedrum and Oneohtrix Point Never, I would encourage everyone to dig into their work if you don’t know their music already.”

Watch the video for ‘Spring Came (Feat. Pippa Molony)’ below:

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