Counter Culture / September 13, 2022

You can rent a couch on Airbnb for €50 a night

Image: Airbnb
Counter Culture / September 13, 2022

You can rent a couch on Airbnb for €50 a night

Words: Ellen Kenny

Do you ever wish you had the thrill of a holiday in Dublin, without the hassle of having an actual, comfortable space of your own? Well then, do I have the couch for you.

We thought renting out a tent for 30 euros a night was pretty bad. But when you hit rock bottom on Airbnb, the only way you can go is down.

Tent man has struck again- he may have removed the tent from his Airbnb, but you really can’t stop enterprise. @hiraethxlilium spotted yet another crime against humanity. For 50 euros a night, you can rent his couch. Not a pull out couch. Not even a couch in a private room. You can rent a couch in this man’s living room.

Looking at this photo, I’m not even sure how you’re supposed to sleep on this thing. It’s two separate couches, so is the guest supposed to push them together? Or do they have to pay extra to have somewhere to put their feet?

Three nights on this couch will cost you about 50 euros a night, as well as a cleaning fee of 5 euro. At least you can be fairly certain the couch is clean, at the very least.

According to the listing, the owner insists that “my house is safe”. The fact that you have to clarify that is… interesting.

Of course, if you’re not interested in this fine property, fear not. This Airbnb owner, even without his tent, has several more Airbnb listings. The rentals include multiple shared bedrooms and even an actual pull out couch, if the leather L-shape isn’t good enough for you.

It appears that all of the Airbnb listings from this host are within the same house. So I would take the promise that this house is “quiet” with a grain of salt.

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