Food / May 21, 2021

There’s an offcut meat popup happening in Phibsborough this weekend

Food / May 21, 2021

There’s an offcut meat popup happening in Phibsborough this weekend

Back once again for the renegade (kitchen)

We’ve all been there, our eyes brushing over things on the menu, passing up cuts of meat in the supermarket, either because we’ve never had it before or the concept is a little too grizzly for us to wrap our heads around. Some of the best dishes exist in this hinterland though, some of the most celebrated dishes in Irish cuisine right now start with ingredients like bone marrow, beef cheeks, chicken livers and crackling. Treated well, with a bit of a push from customers and let’s face it with a bit of clever branding, offcuts can become mainstays on our menus.

A collaboration between three friends has brought about Off-Cuts, a popup dedicated to serving waste pieces of meat to the people of Dublin.

Paddy Farrell, Dean Phelan and Cillian Healy met when they were working in the kitchens, on the floor and behind the bar in the likes of Cafe En Seine, Izakaya and the Exchequer.

“With the pandemic and all of us being out of work and all three having a big love of food decided why don’t we come up with what we would like and sell it,” the trio launched Renegade Kitchen.

The menu for Renegade Kitchen’s popup on May 23rd

Using some of the “unsung heroes of meat” like shin, hock and ox tongue Renegade Kitchen have created a pretty affordable menu.

“We wanted to use the cheaper, less popular parts of the animal as a way of showing people that these although overlooked can be delicious,” the team told us.

You can find Off-Cuts at Loretta’s in 162-165 Phibsborough Road on Sunday from 12pm – 5pm, follow them on Instagram for more information.

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