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Food / March 24, 2021

Zero Waste Gelato shop finds new home in Dublin 8

creamofthecropgelato @creamofthecropgelato
Food / March 24, 2021

Zero Waste Gelato shop finds new home in Dublin 8

By Emily Mullen

The shop has outgrown its Portmarnock premises after a matter of weeks

Cream Of The Crop has had a busy few months since launching online in September 2020. The artisan gelato business quickly outgrew its premises in Portmarnock and has now settled on Dublin 8’s Cork Street, where it looks likely to stay. Located in a state-of-the-art unit in The Barley House, Cream Of The Crop is the brainchild of Brazilian chef Giselle Makinde.

The ice cream flavours change each week based on surplus ingredients that are collected or donated from Irish businesses and suppliers. This business model has allowed Makinde to create zero waste gelatos by redirecting surplus food from landfills. Some of the gelato flavours include the likes of peanut butter and coffee gelato with quinoa granola alongside pineapple and mint sorbet.

This move to Dublin 8 will allow Makinde to process ten times the amount of products than she did in a room converted into a “lab” in her Portmarnock home. The chef has paired up with several food producers and independent sellers, including Velvet Cloud’s sheep milk yogurt and Smithfield’s Little Italy.

Makinde has estimated to have prevented 1.5 tonnes of food waste from entering landfills through her six-months in business. Where possible Cream Of The Crop uses every bit of the products, including skins and seeds, that can be used in certain vegan recipes.

Cream Of The Crop is available for collection from Cork Street or for delivery online in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath, for more information see the website.

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