25: 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Words: Shamim de Brún
Artwork: Paul Smith

Images: Instagram

Things to eat in and around Dublin from January 31 to February 6.

We have collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now and compiled them into an extensive ol’ list. So here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


American Style Pancakes at One Society Cafe

So it’s rare that pancakes don’t look good. But this stack of fluffy American style goodness with salted caramel, banana and whipped cream couldn’t be more mouth-watering if it tried. Sweet and salty works well with the buttery, bready dough of a decadent pancake. Here the salted caramel looks incredibly delicious. These live on the brunch menu at One society and can be eaten in or collected at your convenience.


Beans on toast at Two Boys Brew

If you can’t get enough of these beans on toast, this is the dish for you! Two Boys Brew make their baked beans from scratch and serve them in Harissa, tomato and butternut squash with confit garlic hummus on sourdough toast. The dish is topped with a free-range soft poached egg, tahini lemon yoghurt, cracked black pepper, and Two Boys Brew own special seed and peanut crumb. It’s rich, textured, indulgent and looks phenomenal. Try adding black pudding if you want something meatier, but this bunch monster looks impressive on its own.


Crispy pressed bacon potatoes at Juniors Dublin

Junior’s crispy delicious pressed bacon potatoes served with sour cream and chives look like Zeus himself would eat them. These confit potatoes are beautifully bronzed and look like they’ve just come back from their holliers in Spain. You can almost see the crunch in this picture. They would make the perfect side to any order this week.


Monkfish at Morilles Bistro

Morilles Fish and Chips got a makeover this week. It now comes with Sous Vide Monkfish, Pea and Truffle Puree, Tapioca Potato Crisp, Sauce Gribiche. It looks a whole level up like fish and chips went pro and got into the Champions League.


The Naked Ones by Hot Chicx

There is something so sinfully alluring about these chicken tenders. These buttermilk soaked crispy stips are what the deity of your choice made chicken for. They look like you would order a second round because everyone at the table ate yours. By which we mean actual perfection.

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