#23: 5 best looking Christmassy things in Dublin this week.

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us. Between the lights and the storms there lies lots of themed treats to indulge in. Here are 5 of the most succulent offerings we’ve found in Dublin.

05 The Hans Gruber


Doughboys’ new Die Hard sandwich looks decidedly delectable. They’ve dubbed this Christmas themed offering the Hans Gruber because it’s “a badass Christmas sandwich and who’s more badass than Hans Gruber”. This sambo is a choccer. Full of Turkey, Ham, Sausage, Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls, Hash Browns, Roasted Butternut Squash, Cranberry Pepper Relish, Gravy Mayo, and Rocket on firehouse bakery bread. It’ll stuff even the most ravenous.

It comes in at €8.90 and is available till Christmas.

04 The Christmas Chonker


The Christmas Chonker from Chimac is back in stock in limited amounts every day from now till we shut for the holliers. It’s a stunning assemblage of free-range stuffing spiced chicken with brussel sprout kimchi, sriracha candied bacon, zingy cranberry mayo & house pickles. Perfect for those who like a little kick with their Christmas and it comes with adobo gravy for dunking & drizzling.

Like all burgers at Chimac it’s exactly €10.50.

03 Mulled Wine

The Hole in the Wall

Like most catholic Christmas traditions this one predates Christianity and actually goes back to the Ancient Romans. Mulling wine has been a seasonal way to keep warm all across Europe ever since. The Hole in the Wall, Dublin’s longest pub is dishing up a particularly robust fruity number that would help warm the cockles of even the grinch’s heart.

Their mulled wine is on special all season for just under a tenner.

02 Turkey Nuggets

Happy Endings

Turkey is the divisive holiday staple. People can get very passionate about it. This however is a twist that’s sure to unite both sides of the debate. These are nuggets of Turkey legs diced and marinated in house buttermilk soak overnight. Then they’re dredged and fried till deliciously crispy. These nuggets of poultry goodness come tossed a sweet and spicy cranberry hot sauce that marries these unlikely bedfellows like an ordained minister.

They come as part of Happy Endings’ €35pp set Christmas menu.

01 Tourkey Roulade


Barto Sowa is back with Sova’s stalwart Christmas offering. The Tourkey Roulade with Red wine and Cranberry Gravy. The “tourkey” is made from textured seitan to Sova’s secret recipe. Last year it was a runaway hit with local vegan enthusiasts taking it home for seconds. This year it comes with cranberries, handmade potoato croquet and seasonal veggies.

It’s a surprisingly hearty dish and comes in at €16.

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