Artist Spotlight: Monto and Perri’s Stevie Blake

Stevie Blake, owner of Temple Bar’s bespoke tailoring studio Monto and Perri, is building a creative and sustainable hub for Ireland’s fashion lovers through a commitment to fine craftsmanship and innovative style.

A strong sense of personal style informs what you might want made at Monto and Perri, what advice would you give to people trying to find their own style?

Be explorative and wear your actual size. I’ll be the first to admit that I still make clothes for myself in a size smaller than I am in hope to fit into it. I’ll then have to alter my own clothes to fit because the fitting looks so poor. Sizes are simply measurements; they’re meaningless in regards to the number, but they’re there to indicate what will fit you best. After that, buy things you’d like to wear and if you don’t like it, resell.

How did you develop your sense of personal style growing up in Maryborough? Did living in a smaller part of Ireland pose any obstacles to this?

I went through every single fad and style under the sun growing up. Being from Laois never really stopped me. I’m sure people would make fun of the shit I wore but it’s all part of finding your feet. I can tell you I’d have looked a lot more out of place in a GAA jersey and Azzurri tracksuit bottoms.

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve worked on since opening?

There’s no single piece that stands out above the rest, I’ve enjoyed all aspects of the process. I’m currently working on a bespoke jacket for someone quite special to me and restoring a jacket for a client that special to them. The transformation of clothes through alteration is a really fun part of what I do. In a way it’s giving new life to something for someone who finds that item special enough to focus on.