Here are 5 things produced by Studio District (that we really like)

Studio District is the studio arm of District Magazine. We specialise in producing premium content for self-initiated projects as well as working with brands and organisations on ambitious content partnerships. Here’s a look back at some of our favourite recent projects.


Kojaque Cover Story

We collaborated with Jameson to produce a series of content around the launch of the Join In campaign.


Profiling Denise Chaila


Chatting Sustainability with Fjallraven


Addressing the Housing Crisis

Having launched in the early days of 2020, LIVING HELL is our content series looking at the deeply troubling state of the rental market in Dublin. Built around a tack-sharp writing style, LIVING HELL skewers the practices of cynical landlords and lambasts shameless exploitation. With engagement for this series skyrocketing, multiple properties have been removed from Daft following their publication in LIVING HELL.


Revolutionising Food Content

We have been hard at work developing CHAR, our food and drink channel. CHAR came about as a way of addressing what we thought to be missing from food media. Our goal with this platform is to take the pretence out of food media and replace it with authenticity. CHAR is about eating not dining.

We have already published some outstanding pieces (such as this investigative report into the mysterious origins of the Jambon) and this month Emily kicks off our new series called Signature Dish. Inspired by observing that so many restaurants have truly outstanding menu-items that are often overlooked for crowd-pleasing alternatives, Signature Dish will be telling the stories of the underrated and undereaten hidden gems from all of our favourite spots. This instalment talks to Barry XXX from Deli 147 about the rise of his infamous reuben.

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