6 Must-See Events At IMMA’s Earth Rising

Words: Dray Morgan

The Irish Museum Of Modern Art’s free ‘Earth Rising’ festival is set to become a hub of creative expression and forward-thinking towards a sustainable future. You can take an active or passive role in the festival with hands-on experiences or more laid-back events. With four days of free workshops, performances, screenings, and exhibitions, it can get overwhelming, so we’ve compiled some of the must-see sessions from 21 – 24 September.

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Smoke House

Thurs 21 Sept 11am – 7pm
Fri 22 Sept 11am – 9pm
Sat 23 Sept 11am – 7pm
Sun 24 Sept 11am – 7pm

Location: The Grounds/ Top of Meadows

There’s no better combination than art, food and conversation, especially amongst the Kilmainham grounds. Smoke House revolves around tasting natural produce, freshly smoked, whilst sharing conversation, ideas and stories. Throughout the festival, you can contribute to the ever-evolving rope sculpture which will mark the Smoke House. Using Kilmainham’s wild grasses, participate in workshops and try your hand to help create the unique creative space which will be present over the festival. Being one of the most flexible events of the fest, for up to eight hours per day, you can taste the fresh flavours and make some one-of-a-kind sustainable art.


Re-Peat: The Moss Pit

Fri 22nd Sept 11am – 9pm
Sat 23rd Sept 11am -7pm
Sun 24th Sept  11am – 7pm

Location: Studio Street

Mosh pits are probably the perfect representation of chaos. Everyone has a story where they almost saw the light in a moshpit. Bodies slamming against each other is a great signifier that mayhem has ensued and will continue to ensue. But looking at a mosh pit from an outside perspective, it has the possibility of looking like a single entity. Viewing the moshpit as a collaborative effort of chaos-lovers, actually removes the chaos and turns it into a communal experience. Through their “moss-themes” silent disco, collective Re-peat are nurturing the havoc and creating one of the most vibrant experiences of the festival.


Bó Mhór

Thurs 21 Sept 11am – 12pm
Fri 22 Sept 11am – 12pm
Sat 23 Sept 11am – 12pm

Location: Field Kitchen

The ethos of “Earth Rising” is to bring people together to experience what a positive and sustainable future can look like. BÓ MHÓR is an interactive event, delving into one of the most frustrating aspects of our unsustainable society, food waste. Using cheese and cheese making as a vehicle for discussion, the session explores how milk preservation and our treatment of cows has such a large impact on the environment. In partnership with Asylum Seeker rehabilitation group, Spirasi, individuals seeking refuge in Ireland will front the discussion and demonstrate dairy recipes from a variety of different cultures. Over the course of Earth Rising, hone your skills and learn new cheesy recipes to add to your portfolio.


Linzi Hawkin: From Climate Anxiety to Climate Hope

Thurs 21 Sept 2pm – 3pm

Location: The People’s Pavilion

From the land to the sea. Linzi Hawkin is co-founder of Project Blue, an ocean-focused agency dedicated to working with lawmakers, activists, and businesses to meaningfully impact our water positively and turn the tide on the 14 million tonnes of plastic waste released into the sea each year. Flipping the narrative and reinvigorating society to not give up on a sustainable future is at the centre of this discussion.


Rediscover Fashion

Thurs 21 Sept 11am – 7pm
Fri 22 Sept 11am – 9pm
Sat 23 Sept 11am – 7pm
Sun 24 Sept 11am 7pm

Location: Workshop Tent

Fashion is such a pivotal element of identity. However, with that freedom of expression comes massive amounts of synthetic clothing waste sent to landfill each year. Navigating the fashion world using sustainable methods can add a whole new element to your fits. Learn about the Japanese clothing repair method of ‘sashiko’, to create some of the best festival gear out there. It may be the end of festival season, but that just means it’s the perfect time to start drawing up plans for next year’s look. We all know pre-loved looks best anyway, so why not work with professionals to learn how to rework your wardrobe.


Leviathan Cycle Screening

Fri 22 Sept 4pm – 8pm
Sun 24 Sept 3pm -7pm

Location: Screening Room

Leviathan Cycle  is a multi-episode film series, and part of Shezad Dawood’s ground-breaking leviathan project. In dialogue with a wide range of marine biologists, oceanographers, political scientists, neurologists, evolutionary geneticists, forensic anthropologists, trauma specialists and activists, Leviathan Cycle is set 20-50 years into the future, envisaging a future eerily like our present to consider possible links between borders, psychological trauma, and human and marine ecologies. Leviathan is a wake up call that a crisis is happening and action needs to be taken now to avoid the future painted in this work.

Download the Earth Rising App now to discover the programme of events.

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