10 Moments that Defined Irish Summer 2022

Words: Ellen Kenny, Ciarán Howley

Words: Ellen Kenny, Ciarán Howley

What a summer. The first “real” summer after Covid restrictions was always going to be one full of laughs, drama and absolute chaos. We’ve compiled the most memorable moments of the Irish cultural zeitgeist this summer to remind you what a wild ride it’s been.


The Marty Whelan tattoo

Phil O’Kelly entered the Irish Hall of Fame when he showed Twitter how ended up with a tattoo of Marty Whelan on his thigh. Phil explained that he got the tattoo after losing a bet, but when you are blessed with a tattoo of one of Ireland’s national sweethearts on your thigh, I think we know who the real winner is. 


Gay Spar Comes Out

Summer 2022 saw the long-awaited return of Dublin Pride. The best moment being that the Spar situated next to The George accepted their fate of Gay Spar as lovingly bestowed by the people of Dublin.


Bohemians x Dublin Bus Jersey Collab

In what was the Spring/Summer go-to-look, Dublin Bus and Bohs’ teamed up to produce a brand-new team jersey to be worn throughout the FAI Cup. 

Bearing the glorious Des Kelly Interiors sponsorship logo on the front, the pattern is inspired by the iconic seat fabric found on Dublin bus. You know, the seat squiggles.


Capel Street is Pedestrianised

After hard campaigning, Dublin City Council actually listened to its residents and pedestrianised Capel Street. And apparently, it paid off. Somehow, Capel Street was recently named the 22nd best street in the world.


The Drum and Bass Bike Rave

DJ Dom Whiting has combined the magic of a night out with the thrill of nearly getting hit by a car through his sensational Drum and Bass Bike raves across Europe. This summer, he came to Dublin and showed us a wheely good time. 


Viking Splash Tour Returns

You thought you were free. But no- Dublin’s loudest, wettest tourist attraction came back with a vengeance this summer. We can’t tell who’s worse: the screaming Viking bus tours, or the screaming hens and stags on the pedal bus that took over Dublin this summer.


Limerick’s Hobbit Summer

Aside from Amazon’s Lord of the Ring prequel series deciding hobbits are now Irish, the city of Limerick became Middle Earth for a day on behalf of musician Denise Chaila. The artist requested that Limerick City Council encourage medieval dress for her RPG-inspired gigs. Fans came out in their best smocks, tunics and chain mail and the opening act even played a ‘bardcore’ set – medieval inspired hip-hop.


Bill Murray channelling Irish uncle at all-Ireland semi-final

In what will no doubt go down in Limerick history books, the Bill Murray was spotted in iconic spots across the city, including Charlie Malone’s Bar on Wolfe Tone St. 

It was there that Murray found himself in a sing-song of ‘The Star of the County Down.’ Absolute madness.


Dublin Airport and Hell Become One

Alongside hundreds of airports across Europe, Dublin Airport became the bane of Irish people’s travel experience. Videos detailing queues longer than Disneyland rides and hours-long waits were the stuff of holiday nightmares. That said, it somehow was ranked number four in Europe according to Hopper. 


Harry Styles’ big bag of cans with the lads

Harry may have only been in Dublin for two nights, but he made the absolute most of it. When he wasn’t in the Aviva keeping the locals awake, he was at the Vico Baths with nothing but his swimsuit and a Tower Record bag of cans at this side. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the summer in Dublin.