Irish Twitter Shares Their Best Celtic Tiger Communion Stories

Words: Eva O’Beirne

Artwork: Paul Smith

Ah the Boom. A simpler time really. Where eight-year-olds getting limos to the church could be justified.

Communion season is in full swing, so we’ve decided to look back to nearly twenty years ago at the ridiculousness of the Celtic Tiger. Our audience on Twitter provided their best stories and we just had to share them with all District readers.

  1. The Helicopter Sagas

Nearly every second DM sent to us involved a helicopter in some way shape or form. But the one that we’ve chosen to include in the article really takes the biscuit.

Did you know that at the height of the Boom, Ireland had more helicopters per capita than the UK?

  1. The money was just resting in our parent’s account (they promise)

A universal experience we expect. Perhaps the second most common story sent in to our Twitter.

  1. Priorities people, priorities

We’ve never associated any cocktails with communions, but maybe we’re just out of the loop.

  1. The exotic purchases

Between iPods to reptiles, fancy venues to a Nintendo DS, we’ve heard it all.
  1. We’re sure this fella became a cryptocurrency influencer when he grew up

We’ve heard of getting a calf or heifer for your communion, but never stocks in a semi-state company.

  1. The holiday of a lifetime

We haven’t been able to stop thinking about this story since it was sent to us. Truly heartwarming, pure naivety. Oh to be this innocent (and think so highly of Stena Line).

We even got a look into what ads corrupted this young lad’s mind, and in fairness, it does look class.

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