17 Irish Releases You May Have Missed This Year

Words: Dylan Murphy & Dray Morgan
Photo credits: Lewis Thomas Bradshaw

The end of year usually means best album lists for publications, but instead, this year we’ve opted to shout about our favourite projects coming out of Ireland that you might have missed. The nature of this means it’s largely, but not exclusively underground acts that feature. The intention is to showcase and highlight some incredible records that didn’t have the budgets, resources or support that others are afforded and we think deserve more shine. It’s hard to be prescriptive about what sort of projects are eligible (And comprehensive in the inclusions), but in general, no albums from major label artists, established touring acts or artists likely to be well known by most of our readers. Singles aren’t eligible but EPs, mixtapes, albums and everything else is fair game. Peep below, in no particular order, our favourite projects you may have missed.


Rhoshi – IMAGE

There’s a lot going on in Rhoshi’s debut album IMAGE, but it never feels cluttered. A project that showcases the sheer breadth of his imagination, the Dublin producer carefully balances the cinematic sounds of ‘CLOVER’ with the metallic textures of ‘BLISS BLADE’ and factory precision of ‘CHERISHING’. The features throughout are impeccably chosen, with Isaac Jones and Vaticanjail coming through on ‘LIKE I CARE’ and ‘COLISIÓN’, respectively. For the most part, Spotify stats aren’t a good indicator to go off, but the fact he’s on 100 monthly listeners is honestly jaw-dropping. One of our favourite electronic releases of the year. Run it up.


Becky McNeice & Alicia Raye – Love Letters

It really feels like the year of the joint project. Central Cee and Dave, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown and now Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice. The pair come through with four tracks of sincere pop in a collaboration that’ll hopefully also inspire others to do the same.

Trá Phádhín – An 424


Trá Pháidín – An 424

Trá Pháidín blend jazz, post-punk, trad and other influences into an inseparable experimental soup of instrumental goodness. Heads on Reddit have been calling them the ‘Trad Black Country New Road’, but that’s reductive as hell. This 9 piece are a force of their own and their new record An 424 is based around a bus journey from Galway to Connemara. They recently opened for John Francis Flynn and feels like they’re set for a big year in 2024.

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