Celaviedmai, Mango and God Knows come together for Hennessy, A Shared Connection

Photography: Ruth Medjber

Featuring MC and DJ Mango, Hip Hop artist Celaviedmai and label manager and artist God Knows, Hennessy has launched a video focusing on the themes of community and connection through music.

To celebrate the end of 2022, Hennessy has brought together staples of the Irish Hip Hop community to connect and chat over their favourite Hennessy drinks. Joined by photographer Ruth Medjber and stylist Zeda The Architect, the result of the project, Hennessy, The Shared Connection, is a beautiful insight to the raw talents, relationships and evolution of the Irish music industry.

Conversation bloomed amongst these five different creatives, who have become easy friends due to their mutual experiences. Connection and community were topics naturally prevalent throughout the discussion, highlighting key themes within the Irish Hip Hop scene such as inclusivity, gratitude, openness, connection, collaboration and more.

Exploring everything from the Irish Rap and Hip Hop communities, to managing mental health, pressure and success, Hennessy, The Shared Connection is ultimately a toast to the achievements of Ireland’s creative scene this year, and a celebration of what is yet to come.

Hennessy Photography by Ruth Medjber – featuring Mago, GodKnows and Celaviedmai

Many will recognise Hip Hop artist, Celaviedmai, also known as Mai, from previous editions of Body & Soul, Electric Picnic, Longitude, and Forbidden Fruit, as well as her features and features in Vice, New York Times and Sunday Times Culture.

Her career intersects perfectly with that of Mango, both having performed at the Hennessy Stage at Body & Soul Festival this year.

Artist & DJ Mango has been a trailblazer and pillar of the Irish rap and rave scene for years. Constantly evolving and blending genres, his artistry relates directly to God Knows, who is known for his vividly honest lyricism and electrifying energy on stage. The previous winner of the Choice Music Prize was photographed alongside Mango and Mai by internationally renowned photographer Ruth Medjber.

Hennessy Photography by Ruth Medjber – featuring Mago, GodKnows and Celaviedmai

Known primarily for her concert photography, Ruth Medjber of Ruthless Imagery captured the artists, bringing each of their personalities to the forefront. Ruth has toured with artists like Hozier, been one of the few photographers chosen to shoot Glastonbury Festival and photographed international superstars such as Grace Jones, Beyonce, Drake, JayZ, Diana Ross, Metallica and Muse.

Styled by Zeda The Architect, Ruth’s images of the trio blend traditional portraiture with new wave street style, a nod to the old and the new as well as to the blending of both to create something innovative and unique.

Zeda the Architect is an accomplished stylist with an eye like no other, working across the wide realm of creative industries in Ireland.

Joining forces with Ruth, one of the few photographers chosen to shoot Glastonbury Festival, the pair created a beautiful series of images that encapsulate the bursting creativity and energy of each artist.

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Hennessy Photography by Ruth Medjber – featuring Mango, GodKnows and Celaviedmai

Once the work was done, all five creatives sat down to enjoy a cocktail and conversation, culminating in a beautifully shot video that confirmed the natural respect, warmth and ease shared between the group.

A true investor in the next generation and the potential they bring, Hennessy holds the highest respect for our past while always remaining focused on the future.

The steady blending of old and new, the ‘then’, the ‘now’ and the ‘what’s next’, makes Hennessy the undisputed drink of choice for crafting the perfect cocktail, soaking up cultural experiences and basking in the good times.

Please drink Hennessy responsibly.

Visit Drinkaware.ie for more information.

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