Music / August 25, 2021

Dâm-Funk, Knxwledge, Lord Apex & more feature on Gangster Doodles Vol.2

knxwledge - Credit: Jake Michaels via Hypebeast
Music / August 25, 2021

Dâm-Funk, Knxwledge, Lord Apex & more feature on Gangster Doodles Vol.2

Words: Dylan Murphy

The second edition of the compilation lands via Dublin’s All City Records and sees hip hop titans from across the globe join forces.

Following the release of the hugely successful Gangster Music Vol. 1 in 2019, Canadian illustrator Gangster Doodles has teamed up again with Dublin’s All City Records to share a new heavy hitting compilation.

The new record features the likes of Ovrkast, Woodie Smalls, Big Baby Scumbag, Knxwledge, Dâm-Funk, M.E.D., Black Milk, Lil B and Open Mike Eagle and speaking on it Gangster Doodles says it was “One of the most satisfying AND fun projects I’ve been able to be a part of, and the idea of continuing the series was a no-brainer. Thankfully All City was interested in keeping the party going”.
“Gangster Music Vol.2 is a living/breathing tracklist of all the music and artists I’ve been obsessively listening to over the past couple of years(and beyond). Every artist that’s on Vol.2 is a creative force pushing boundaries and trailblazing new paths to greatness”.
Having come together during the last few years through a slew of texts, DMs and host of other digital means the 28 tracks land alongside artwork and merch from the creative.
Describing the cover art  Gangster Doodles says; “Every morning I start my day with a bowl(or 2) of Fruit Loops. Usually on the back of the box they have different activities to do. On one of them was a black and white image of Toucan Sam chilling in a tree. In large colourful font, it said you could cut out the image and colour it in to create your own version. That idea really resonated with me. Continuing the cartoon cat theme from Vol.1 I chose Felix the Cat to help encapsulate this idea and then flip it on its head. A black and white album cover that could be left as is or if the mood strikes- go and grab some markers, pens, crayons, paint, ink and create your own unique doodle versions”.
“After a year and a half of COVID hell I’m thrilled to be able to release this new music compilation. Fuck the bubble. It’s time to get weird”.

In the compilation’s first edition, Soft Boy Record artists Kean Kavanagh, Kojaque and Matt Finnegan teamed up on ‘Whitney‘.


1. Dâm-Funk – Allies
2. Ovrkast – OOF!
3. Big Baby Scumbag – Steve Irwin
4. Woodie Smalls – Get Straight To It
5. Knxwledge – Wrongabtme
6. Liv.E – My Friend Told Me to
7. Iman Omari – Bellflower
8. Black Milk – Cause I was Living
9. Fitz Ambrose – Good For It
10. Zeroh – Don’t Play It Safe (Prod by Awhlee & Ashtre Jinkins)
11. Mike G – Champions (Ft. Lil B)
12. Teebs – Walks
13. M.E.D. and Prometheus – The Low Endz
14. Wun Two – Porto
15. Lester Nowhere – Bush to Berkeley (Ft. Lil B and Lord Apex)
16. The Gaslamp Killer – One For RasG
17. King Kashmere – The Crown of the Serpent (Prod by Crossbone T)
18. Loopheavy – Questions (Ft. RS)
19. Ohbliv – Much Given
20. Open Mike Eagle – Vanity Searchin’
21. Ozoyo – Astro Boy
22. Hook – Dork (Prod by Nedarb)
23. Spook – Sillybands (Prod by Sadhugold)
24. ShunGu – Loovin’
25. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Big Dick Energy
26. Igory – Fluttah
27. Spectacular Diagnostics – Fingerprints (Ft. Koncept Jackson)
28. Kyeoshin – s.w.i.m.

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