Music / May 4, 2023

District & Hennessy present: Future of Irish Music 2023 with Qbanaa, DeCarteret, Lowkick & more Announced

Qbanaa, Credit: Kate Lawlor (@daisychainsphotos)
Music / May 4, 2023

District & Hennessy present: Future of Irish Music 2023 with Qbanaa, DeCarteret, Lowkick & more Announced

Words: Dylan Murphy

We’ve teamed up with Hennessy to showcase the homegrown acts we’re tipping to make big moves in 2023 and beyond.

As part of our Future Of Irish Music 2023 campaign, we’ve selected six acts shifting the needle in Ireland. Over the course of six weeks, we’re showcasing their work to date through editorials, forthcoming video interviews and more, before a huge show in The Complex, Dublin on Thursday 1 June and a select number of performances at the Hennessy Hip Hop House at Body & Soul Festival. This year’s inclusions are: Qbanaa, Curtisy, Lowkick, ENI, DeCarteret and MOIO.

Qbanaa joins the lineup after a run of three smooth bi-lingual singles that have been in our rotation since their release. The Cuban-Irish artist’s smokey cuts are made in D1 but ready for the world. Chamomile Records co-founder MOIO came out from behind the boards this year with his own debut single ‘SUNBEAMIN’, after he made a name as a producer crafting most of the Dublin label’s singles. This is an artist that’s bided his time and moved from careful observer to Ireland’s optimistic RnB frontrunner. Elsewhere, Curtisy’s approach to rap takes a leaf out of the same book as MIKE, Pink Siifu and other prolific rappers. He’s anything but precious with releases and having become a mainstay of the local scene in the past couple of years, he’s at a point where frequent, quality releases mean he’s next up to makes waves the global underground rap scene.

On the harder side of the hip hop spectrum, ENI is an uncompromising act from the capital that doesn’t compromise. Marrying Atlanta-bred production and determined lyricism, ENI has already shared stages with UK rap royalty Chipmunk and is only getting started. Meanwhile, DeCarteret’s music is headphone music that hits in the live arena. Both parts personal and catchy-as-hell, it’s the kind of catalogue that’s growing stronger with every release and having already collaborated with Bricknasty and Squid Ethics, we’re convinced it’s time to invest in the Country Clare singer. Completing the lineup is Lowkick. The north Dublin hip hop trio are making self-sufficient jazz rap that sees samples and heartfelt poetry stitched together as part of vivid hip hop that pays homage to the capital’s rich history.

In 2021, we introduced our inaugural ‘Future of Irish Music’ feature, highlighting the rising artists we were tipping to make big moves in that year and beyond. The first edition included Efé who went on to play Glastonbury last year, Bricknasty, who just signed with Famm (Jorja Smith & Maverick Sabre) and CMAT who won the 2022 Choice Prize for her debut album. 2022 saw SELLO join the list alongside the likes of Newdad, Shiv, Khakikid and more.

Qbanaa, Curtisy, Lowkick, ENI, DeCarteret, and MOIO play The Complex, Dublin on Thursday 1 June. Tickets are free and can be booked here.

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