Music / September 24, 2021

Monjola’s past weighs heavy on his mind in ‘Pain Don’t Die’

Monjola via Youtube
Music / September 24, 2021

Monjola’s past weighs heavy on his mind in ‘Pain Don’t Die’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Monjola showcases the dark recesses of his inner psyche in his most vulnerable offering to date.

What we run away from usually comes back to bite us and in ignoring our problems they only become bigger. It’s a harsh reality that rising Chamomile Records artist Monjola knows all too well and he pulls these ideas into full focus on his most poignant release to date ‘Pain Don’t Die‘.

It’s a far cry from the happy-go-lucky, sun-kissed visuals that earned him a reputation as an act looking on the bright side of life and a reminder that even the most content souls need to cry every now and then.

Teaming up with COLLECTiVE FilMS, Monjola’s latest effort swaps the vibrant colours of ‘Smile’ for a darker horror-inspired approach that sees him confront his trauma in an unsettling and very real way. Inspired by a desire to show real tears and to showcase the type of pain that won’t dissolve through a teddy bear that follows his every move, Monjola is lifting the veil on the dark corners of his past.

Featuring production from fellow Chamomile Records artist Moyo and additional vocals from Aby Coulibaly it continues his hot streak of making in house cuts with his tight knit crew.

Speaking on the new video Mark Logan from COLLECTiVE FilMS says, “MJ really wanted to show vulnerability in this release and he never had been so vulnerable in his music at least. For me, coming to work with him, we’ve known each other for five years and just seeing his growth and seeing him step into music was just like amazing. It was so inspiring and gratifying to see someone step out in that way and he came to me with a lot of trust to take the subject matter and really bring it to life. It’s why I make the work I make. If you are going to approach heavy themes, you need to do it with humour and ways that are accessible and not isolating for people… it doesn’t always need to be dark and gloomy. You can deal with dark things in a light way.”

Monjola praises the team he worked with on bringing the video to life saying, “It was tough at the start to come to terms with what I was doing, but I felt it had to be done. The whole process felt like therapy and I got a lot out doing this. Also had an amazing team around me that made it a lot easier for me to bring the idea to life.”

It comes after Monjola performed on Boiler Room earlier this year and ahead of a rumoured EP.

Watch the video for ‘Pain Don’t Die’ below:

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